“General Hospital” spoilers for the week of November 28 say Nelle makes trouble for Sonny when she tells him about Jax and Carly playing tonsil hockey. This drives already drunk Sonny into a rage and he seems confused when he wakes up next to the schemer. And that’s just on Monday!

911, DUI, ICU and other three-letter phrases

Alexis has been dreaming about killing Julian but she flies into a panic when she thinks she really did in her dubious and possibly dead hubby. Alexis calls 911, flees while engaging in DUI, and Julian winds up in the ICU.

It’s kind of LOL and a little WTF but Julian is glad about it.

This week, “GH” spoilers says Julian stays true to form and lies to the cops about who left a hood ornament in his grill and then summons Alexis to GH to make her pay for what she’s done. The cost? Julian wants Julexis back, of course, and won’t let a broken bone or two stop him.

Carly comes clean, but Sonny’s been dirty

Jax leaves town because he knows he’s second choice and Carly goes to see her favorite mobster to admit she lip-locked her ex Aussie ex.

Sonny won’t be so willing to point fingers by then since he’s convinced he did the dirty with Carly’s naughty assistant Nelle. By the end of the week, Carly and Sonny must act as a united front to shut down Ava who decides to take advantage of Morgan’s death and Sonny’s arrest to take custody of Avery. Scott got the placebos back so Ava has decided it’s fair game for her to be utterly awful.

Tom Baker can’t quit Elizabeth

Franco stalks Tom this week and Tom stalks Elizabeth. When Tom drops by “GH”, Franco goes BF-crazy and starts a fight. Handsome man of God Griffin steps up to shut down the fracas but Friz might be in trouble. Liz is terrified that Franco will wind up behind bars while the rapist goes free.

Heather gets a visit from Franco to consult on his Tom problem. Dillon works on getting Kiki to date him while Valentin works on Nina using Charlotte as a dangly shiny toy to lure the nutter out to Spoon Island to hop into his bed.

Nathan worries about his sister hanging with Valentin.

In less important news

Andre and Jordan get into an argument about his ditching the phone call from Curtis but Andre isn’t the reason Jordan’s a bad cop. Bobbie goes back to work at GH. Laura decides she’s ready to do the horizontal mambo with Kevin again while Jason and Curtis progress with the bomb investigation.

These “General Hospital” spoilers are for the week of November 28 – December 2 but may change based on editing, ABC changes in air dates, pre-emptions, etc.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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