A “General Hospital” spoiler video posted today shows more trouble for Carly Corinthos and Sonny Corinthos even though Jason Morgan has found out that Sonny is innocent of having the car bomb placed that killed his son Morgan Corinthos. Too bad he already confessed.

Guilty until proven innocent

Carly must not have heard the phrase “Innocent until proven guilty” before since she judged Sonny guilty and isn’t backing down even after Jason tells her Sonny is in the clear. Jason tries to talk Carly down and gives her some hard truths that he found from his investigation.

Carly will be flabbergasted when Jason tells her Sonny is innocent but “General Hospital” spoilers say she’s not ready to welcome him with open arms (plus Sonny is soon to be arrested). The new “GH” grief promo video does show Carly visiting Sonny in jail.

Grief is everywhere, can they heal?

The “General Hospital” video says, “What grief destroyed maybe truth can heal” but can it? The “GH” video also has a replay of the scene where Carly tearfully tells Sonny, “Every time I look at you, I see the man who killed my son.”

Jason tells Carly, “Sonny’s man never planted that bomb – he’s innocent” and her jaw literally drops.

But it might be too late since Carly has rejected her husband every time he has reached out to her and told her he needs her. “General Hospital” spoilers say there is more sadness to come.

Arrested, but wrongly?

The “GH” video also shows Dante Falconeri asking, “Could it possibly change everything?” Jordan Ashford was convinced Sonny was guilty of causing Morgan’s death so she’s going to push forward with the arrest.

Jason is convinced Sonny’s hands are clean, but she’s not. Jordan will stick by the arrest and, naturally, won’t take what Jason says seriously. All of Jordan’s evidence plus Sonny’s confession make him look guilty. Jordan isn’t the smartest or sharpest knife in the cop drawer either, so that’s another issue.

Carly done with Sonny?

Even if Sonny didn’t cause the car bomb that killed Morgan, he remains part of a mob lifestyle that Carly may no longer be able to deal with.

Carly visits Sonny in his holding cell at the Port Charles Police Department, but is it hope she offers or more bad news?

Jasper Jax’s return reminds Carly she has options for a safe life for her children without the mob, and that she can say no to violence in her life. Despite soap tabloid rumors that Carly has an affair or run off with Jax, that seems unlikely even if she doesn’t return to Sonny.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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