“General Hospital” spoilers say Sonny Corinthos won’t just end his life in penance for the death of Morgan Corinthos. Sonny plans to take his life in front of everyone at Morgan’s funeral. Can someone stop Sonny from shooting himself and making a mess of the memorial?

Port Charles peeps at suicide attempt

Before Sonny pulls his gun at the memorial service, “GH” spoiler have him saying, “Everything I’ve tried to do my whole life was for my family and now I’m a danger to them. My son is dead because of me.

There’s only one way he can be at peace and I know how to make it happen.”

As he concludes his little monologue, Sonny pulls out his gun and everyone is shocked. Sonny plans to kill himself in front of: Jordan Ashford, Andre Maddox, Nelle Hayes, Michael Corinthos, Carly Corinthos, Jasper Jacks, Bobbie Spencer, Anna Devane, Griffin Munro, Sam McCall, Jason Morgan, Dante Falconeri, Lulu Spencer, Kristina Corinthos, Molly Lansing, Alexis Davis, Max Giambetti, and others.

Who stops the Sonny shooting?

“General Hospital” spoilers have Sonny with further drama next week so someone stops him shooting himself, but whom? Jason has new evidence that Sonny’s hit man did get the order to back off and that means someone else was responsible for the car bomb and killing Morgan.

There is an unwelcome guest at the funeral too and that interruption could stop the suicide. Dare we hope that Morgan might show at his own memorial much like Carly did years ago?

It seems a long shot, but GH watchers would certainly like to see Bryan Craig one last time.

Sonny breaks down, arrested

Attempted suicide is a crime, even in Port Charles. Sonny will leave the memorial in handcuffs, not a body bag and Jordan should be happy to haul Sonny in yet again. Don’t expect Sonny to stand trial or hitch a ride on the next shuttle to Pentonville but it’s a holding cell for now.

Thanksgiving “GH” spoilers look grim and Sonny has more tough times ahead. The Corinthos family will rally around Sonny all save Carly who doesn’t want Sonny to die but isn’t ready to take him back. Jax is back in Carly’s life and that’s good for her now.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

Watch the full Sonny Corinthos suicide video below:

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