Recent “General Hospital” spoilers from the latest issue of ABC Soaps in Depth confirm what GH watchers have theorized for weeks – Valentin Cassadine came to Port Charles for Charlotte Beaulieu, not her lying mother.

Claudette's a lying liar who lies

Griffin Munro now believes that Charlotte is his daughter and is ready to protect her. He has Anna Devane playing watchdog for him and Robin Scorpio pitches in too. They are all anti-Cassadine and are ready to keep Valentin away.

No matter that they think Valentin is a big bad wolf, if Charlotte is his daughter, they can’t stop the guy. Valentin does what any father would do and shows up to tell Griffin to hand over his daughter.

Griffin has grown attached to her and says no.

Three men and a baby!

Nathan West also takes Griffin’s side and refuses. It’s strange that Nathan and Griffin both know Claudette Beaulieu lied to them repeatedly over the past many years, but this is the lie they’re sticking to and they don’t even consider that Valentin is telling the truth.

Fortunately for Valentin, he has a legal eagle in his pocket – his sister Alexis Davis, though he prefers to call her Natasha Cassadine. Alexis might not like it but Valentin might grow on her, especially once it comes out that Nikolas Cassadine isn’t dead.

Valentin's triumph

Alexis doesn’t have her law license but she can consult and advises that Valentin demand a paternity test.

That’s the easiest way to prove who is telling the truth. By next week, the DNA test is a done deal and Griffin is devastated.

Valentin will finally be reunited with Charlotte who will be on her third daddy within just a few weeks. Valentin needs to sign Charlotte up for therapy before too long so it’s a good thing “GH” is back open.

That poor child needs some help.

Paging Dr. Maddox

Once Valentin has Charlotte in his care it won’t be too long before he’s got a woman, too. Nina Clay told Valentin she doesn’t want him around her but once news breaks that he’s the daddy to adorable Charlotte, Nina wants in on the action.

Things look like a happy ending for the violent Valentin but that won’t last if Anna has anything to say about it.

“General Hospital” spoilers say she’s out to crush him and her focus will intensify after Valentin breaks Griffin’s heart by taking Charlotte.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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