“General Hospital” spoilers about Carly Corinthos have some “GH” fans worried about the fate of this legacy character. When Laura Wright tweeted and posted on Instagram that she was taking “A couple weeks off to play with my babies” the “GH” rumor mill went into overdrive and wild speculation began.

No, Carly is not leaving Port Charles!

What didn’t help was the “General Hospital” spoilers that Jasper Jax is sticking around town for a while. There’s a panic stirring that Jax and Carly are going to hook-up and run away together. There are so many reason that this is not going to happen despite the social media post from Laura Wright.

Several times a year, “General Hospital” takes a break from shooting. Her tweet coincides with one of those scheduled breaks. Laura was sharing her plans for the break, not revealing that her character is leaving the show. It’s unlikely Carly is going anywhere with anyone, especially not Jax.

No, Jax and Carly are not reuniting!

Jax actor Ingo Rademacher said he’s going to be around for 10 episodes but that’s already running down since he’s been in a number already. Jax will be a support for Carly while she copes with the funeral of Morgan Corinthos, but he’s mostly there to deal with the Nelle Hayes plot.

Carly is in pain and Jax is a source of strength, but after Sonny Corinthos pulls a gun at the funeral and tries to commit suicide, she will be more sympathetic towards her husband. That’s not a woman who will run off with her ex-husband, no matter how hot he is.

Everyone is on vacation at “GH”

Don’t let the fearmongers scare you.

Carly has plenty of story to come. “General Hospital” spoilers from solid sources say Carly talks with Andre Maddox about Morgan’s medication and rambling journal entries as Jason Morgan probes for answers about the car bomb.

Jason finds clues to clear Sonny as the bomber and updates Carly on Sonny’s innocence.

Once Carly is told Sonny had nothing to do with the bomb, “GH” spoilers say she sees Sonny in a better light despite her grief. They both have loss and they need each other.

In summation, everyone at “GH” is on break. Carly isn’t going anywhere. No affair. No tonsil hockey with Jax, sources reveal. More sadness after the stunning conclusion to Morgan’s memorial service but there will be healing.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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