The “General Hospital” spoilers video for Thanksgiving shows a couple of incredible events. One is a surprise wedding and the other is Alexis Davis doing what we all knew she would do inevitably. She runs someone down. You won’t believe who drunk Alexis plows down with her car.

Thanksgiving wedding for “Lante”

Dante and Lulu just got engaged but they aren’t going to let that simmer for long. At Thanksgiving, “GH” spoilers from the video show Lulu announces, “We’re getting married” and she means right there on the spot. Good thing the family is already together. Nathan, Maxie, Olivia, Laura and Kevin get to witness the wedding but who is that kid in the background?

Did “GH” just fast-forward little Rocco Falconeri? Check out the video below at the three second mark and see the boy with Laura and Olivia.

Quartermaine craziness

The “GH” promo sees Kiki with her little sister Avery and they’re splitting a wishbone talking about making someone’s Thanksgiving wish come true. Is Kiki thinking of Avery’s mother or father? Will she take the little girl to see Sonny? Kiki loves to pull stunts like that. “General Hospital” spoilers from TV Guide say Ava has Avery for the week plus Sonny’s in jail when the week starts, so this could be a jailhouse visit until Diane works her legal eagle magic and gets him out on bail.

Kiki and Dillon share turkey sandwiches at Crimson, too.

But before that, we see a tiny gathering at the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy, Laura, and Dillon sit down at a tiny table for four and guess who the fourth is? Ned Ashton’s back for the holiday!

It’s the Great Drunk-in Charlie Brown!

Guess who gets soused on Thanksgiving? Alexis has Jordan, Andre, Kristina, Sam and Molly at her house for turkey with the best intentions and apple cider but when she can’t take family time, Alexis sneaks out to go boozing solo and runs into her ex Julian.

Alexis goes back to that sketch roadhouse where she was chilling with Tom the Rapist and Julian is there meeting with someone. She keeps boozing and when Julian tries to stop her from driving drunk, she loses control of the car and plows him down!

Julian wounded but alive

Julian tried to kill her once, so who cares?

Plus this is better than Grandma getting run over by a reindeer! Problem is Alexis got a text from Diane saying the board will review her law license suspension soon and a DUI hit and run means she might never be a lawyer again. Whoops, sorry Julexis.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and Port Charles Thanksgiving will be brutal this year. Plus don’t forget Brooklyn Rae Silzer has a Christmas movie on The Hallmark Channel this week!

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