“General Hospital” spoilers fresh off the presses from the soap magazines offer some insight into how our favorite Port Charles peeps will be celebrating Turkey Day. One long-standing tradition continues, there’s sadness, people coming together, and someone hits rock bottom. Check it out.

Sonny faces arrest, comforted by surprising person

The bomb investigation has honed in on Sonny Corinthos, no surprise there, and Jordan Ashford is set to arrest Sonny before the holidays but he’ll be out on bond before it’s time to set the table.

Unfortunately, he’s persona non grata at the home of Carly Corinthos. His kids may not come round, but one surprising person will drop by. Sonny's exoneration is coming, but not yet.

Laura Spencer comes by to commiserate, so say “GH” spoilers. Laura just lost Nikolas Cassadine and Sonny lost Morgan Corinthos. Hopefully, both will be resurrected via recast but as of now, both are dead, dead, dead. Laura feels for Sonny although they’ve never been besties. She reaches out and offers some comfort, grieving parent to grieving parent.

Alexis decides to drink her Thanksgiving dinner

After Alexis Davis almost burned her grandson Danny Morgan to a crisp thanks to her juice box o’ wine, she’s got some amends to make. Alexis throws a Thanksgiving fete but she can’t keep off the booze. Julian Jerome isn’t invited but makes his presence known by threatening Alexis. Julian will soon tell Alexis to put down the wine or he’ll expose her drinking problem to Sam Morgan.

The dinner Alexis plans will go sideways thanks to her wino ways and Alexis might end up alone passed out on her couch. Is anyone else hoping that Valentin Cassadine scores an invite to her Turkey blowout so we can watch the Cassadines rub sandpaper shoulders? If not, Valentin might tempt Nina Clay to spend the holiday with him and his daughter Charlotte Cassadine.

Quartermaine pizza tradition continues

The Quartermaines have pizza again for Thanksgiving 2016 and “General Hospital” spoilers say Kiki Jerome will be there to chill with Dillon Quartermaine. Did someone try to cook again this year and wreck it like Paul Hornsby did last year? Or will the Qs skip straight to pizza and not even wait for the annual feast fiasco? Will it be delivery or DiGiorno?

Hayden Barnes and Dr. Hamilton Finn will be waiting on the results of her blood work in the countdown to the holiday to see if she now carries the same deadly disease that killed his wife Reiko. There will be more sadness than usual in Port Charles for this holiday that hits 10 days after Morgan’s funeral drags everyone down.

“General Hospital” spoilers say Thanksgiving episodes will air from November 21 through November 23 and unless something changes with preemptions, there will be no new episode on Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 24 with fresh episodes resuming on Friday, November 25.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

Take a look back at Thanksgiving 2015 in Port Charles to whet your appetite for the upcoming holiday.

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