“General Hospital” spoilers have Carly Corinthos visiting Sonny Corinthos in the holding cells at the Port Charles Police Department on the Wednesday, November 16th "GH" show. Carly wants to talk about his innocence according to Jason Morgan but Sonny will soon show Carly he hasn’t learned a thing.

Sonny wrecks relationship with Carly?

Carly acknowledges that Sonny did get the hit called off and she seems to believe someone else is responsible for the bombing and the death of Morgan Corinthos. But what Sonny does and says next could make or break his fifth marriage with Carly.

The mob boss vows to get the answers they need.

Answers are fine but what will Sonny do with the truth? “General Hospital” spoilers say Carly worries Sonny wants vengeance against whomever bombed Julian Jerome’s car and killed their son. Isn’t revenge what started all of this? Is there a chance Sonny can stop himself from acting out?

The problem is bigger than the bomb

Sonny is micro-focused on the bomb that killed his son Morgan. But Carly is looking at the bigger picture. When Jasper Jax came back to town, Carly thought about how her life might have been different if she has chosen Jax instead.

She’s dealing with buyer’s remorse. Jax offered to adopt Morgan and make sure he was safe and away from mob life. Carly sees that Morgan might be alive still if she had chosen Jax over Sonny. This conundrum is foremost in her mind when she visits Sonny in jail. If Sonny mentions revenge against whomever killed Morgan, that could set her off.

Can Sonny break cycle of violence?

Crime, revenge, payback, repeat.

This is the cycle he has been trapped in for a while. It’s not just Julian. “GH” history shows he had many enemies over the years and his loved ones have been at risk many times. Sometimes it’s Sonny’s foes and sometimes the danger comes from Sonny himself.

Sonny chasing revenge again, no matter how badly Carly wants to know why her son died and who is responsible, is the wrong thing in her eyes. If her husband can’t say the right things to Carly and assure her that he won’t pursue revenge, Carly and Sonny might be over for a fifth time.

Can Sonny do better?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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