“General Hospital” spoilers from the soap magazines say Sonny Corinthos will shock the assembled at the funeral of Morgan Corinthos with a major announcement. Sonny stuns the crowd and then plans to shoot himself but fate intervenes and the mob boss is saved from himself.

Sonny makes murder confession

GH” watchers have seen the mob boss come unraveled day by day since Morgan was confirmed dead. The police commissioner and much of his family blames Sonny for Morgan’s death and he is ready to pay penance to ease his overwhelming guilt by dying.

Morgan’s funeral starts on Friday November 11 and will bleed over into next week on Monday November 14 when Sonny makes a stand at Morgan’s funeral and takes all the blame onto his shoulders. Sonny confesses blame for the bomb, but he’s not ready for an arrest.

Sonny wants to cleanse his sins

“General Hospital” spoilers say the Corinthos mobster loads a gun and takes it to the funeral with him. Sonny’s plan is to confess and then kill himself. He has his suicide note ready for Carly Corinthos, left most of his money to a foundation in Morgan’s honor, and tied up loose ends.

Sonny’s plans seem set in stone and dire. Sonny hopes to end the day in the morgue on a slab but winds up in a holding cell on a cot. Jordan Ashford feels certain that Sonny is at fault for Morgan’s death. Sonny’s confession is all she needs to make a move.

A Thanksgiving behind bars?

Will “GH” watchers have to see their beloved mob boss in jail for the holidays? “General Hospital” spoilers mention an arraignment Thanksgiving week and another says Laura Spencer comes to see Sonny to talk about both their sons being dead but that could be at home or in jail.

This isn’t Sonny’s first rodeo. He’s been arrested many times before. He’s been convicted, sent to Pentonville and then pardoned by the governor after escaping custody. That was for the murder of AJ Quartermaine if you forgot. This time, Sonny wants to be punished, but not by the law.

“General Hospital” spoilers say Jason Morgan tries to save Sonny from himself but his efforts will not be successful.

Once behind bars Sonny might try suicide again and he could land on suicide watch despite his best efforts to take his own life as a sacrifice to his guilt over Morgan’s death. "GH" spoilers say Sonny's story gets darker and darker.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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