“General Hospital” spoilers say Curtis Ashford confronts Jordan Ashford about her trash talking him to Valerie Spencer and things will get really hot and steamy between them just as Andre Maddox walks in and recognizes that cheating was going down. GH spoilers predict cheating Jordan faces trouble soon.

Curtis and Jordan simmer

Curtis is pissed off that Jordan made him look bad to Valerie when he’s worked hard to clean up his act. Valerie has already walked out on Curtis and told her they were done after she saw the evidence files that he snapped pics of and she threatened to turn him over for stealing evidence.

Valerie is being a real B… He didn’t “steal” evidence. Evidence fell in front of him and he took some photos. That’s not quite ethical but it’s also not his fault that the Port Charles police are sloppy with evidence files. Valerie’s threats made Curtis mad and so he’s off to get in Jordan’s face.

Why you playing me like that girl?

Curtis wants to know why Jordan was trying to sabotage his relationship with Valerie. He thought Jordan was warming up to him after the confab over her baby daddy lie about Shawn Butler and TJ Ashford.

Curtis is furious and then Jordan snaps and decides to slap him.Curtis shuts that down fast. The slap doesn’t connect because he grabbed her arm but that puts them close to each other and anger turns to lust pretty fast. They are about to have a big moment. The sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife from the evidence room butthen comes some cold water.

Andre walks in

Andre Maddox walks in on them and they jump apart looking all guilty and such.

“General Hospital” spoilerssay Curtis takes off and Jordan makes excuses and says it’s not what it looks like. Andre’s mama didn’t raise a fool. He knows what he saw and calls her out.With Curtis single now that Valerie called things off and Andre ready to ditch frequent-cheater Jordan it looks like it’s game on for Curtis and Jordan. All they need now is a couple’s name. How about Curdan?“Curdan” would be good because them hooking up means it’s a curtain call for Jordan’s friendship with Valerie and maybe even her career.

But will GH watchers care? It’s the prevailing opinion that she’s the worst chief the PCPD has ever had. #BringBackAnna!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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