“General Hospital” spoilers about sexy former priest turned doctor Griffin Munro from Soaps in Depth magazine say he’ll turn his eye on a new lady now that Claudette Beaulieu is out of the picture. So who is this new lady that draws Griffin into a new love triangle? Elizabeth Webber!

Elizabeth’s new love interest?

Next week say “GH” spoilers, Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth’s rapist Tom Baker have a physical altercation at the hospital. Doctor handsome man of God Griffin breaks up the fight and then he and Liz have a deep talk that is another brick in a wall that could come between Liz and Franco.

At the Halloween event at the Metro Court hotel, Elizabeth helped Griffin cope with a tantrum from Charlotte Beaulieu and he appreciated it.

Franco noticed their easy rapport and didn’t like it so he interrupted and made things intentionally awkward. Things will get more so very soon.

Franco evaluates his worth

The release of blackmailer and rapist Tom Baker from Pentonville is obviously to try and redeem Franco who has his own past as a rapist of sorts. Even as Franco threatens and assaults Tom, it won’t be long until the reformed serial killer sees the parallels between himself and Tom.

Franco said “sorry” to Sam Morgan but he can’t fix what is broken. “General Hospital” spoilers say Franco will deeply question whether it’s appropriate for him to be with Elizabeth given his past and her past trauma. Griffin is drastically different and Franco sees the chasm between them.

Angel and devil on Liz's shoulders

Griffin is far from perfect. He’s a priest who fell from grace and landed in a bed of adultery with Claudette. But he’s not a rapist, not a killer, and has no inclination towards violence. He also wants to be a parent, but Charlotte was taken from him by Valentin.

Franco, by comparison, is seen by many as a rapist whether or not he engaged in a sexual act with Sam.

He’s a known killer and dangerous, even without the tumor. Elizabeth has the baggage of lying to Jake Doe about his identity, but she needs to think about her boys too.

Jake Webber likes Franco, but Franco and Liz both know that Griffin is better for her and her kids than the former killer. Franco might do the “right thing” and step side while encouraging Elizabeth to choose Griffin and end the triangle.

Those shipping Friz won’t like that at all.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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