“General Hospital” spoilers say today’s “GH” episode will be emotionally fraught as Sonny wakes to see his wife’s assistant beside him. Nelle plays it like they slept together as part of her revenge against Carly, but doesn’t this make her the same as Franco?

Is Nelle a Franco 2.0?

When Franco convinced Sam he raped her the night of her honeymoon, it was traumatic. Franco had Jason tied up to watch via camera, then covered the lens so both Jason and Sam would assume the worst. Years later, “GH” watchers found out Franco didn’t have sex with Sam, but she won’t forgive him and perhaps she should not.

Sam felt like a rape victim all these years and you can’t just wash that away. Nelle did the same to Sonny.

Nelle and Franco’s actions are equal

Other than not having Carly tied up watching, what Nelle did to Sonny is just like what Franco did to Sam. She drugged Sonny. He drugged Sam. She lets Sonny believe they slept together. Franco let Sam believe they had sex. It’s the same. Further complicating Sam’s situation was her pregnancy that followed but Sonny has complications, too. He’s grieving Morgan and is mentally ill. Franco took advantage of someone physically weaker and Nelle took advantage of someone mentally weaker.

Chloe Lanier talks about "that" scene

Chloe Lanier gave an interview to Soap Opera Digest on shooting the scene and says it was, “the most emotional, most vulnerable scene I have ever shot.” She also said, “It was a really intense scene for Maurice and I to shoot and I hope it translates to the audience.” Lanier added that her character’s reaction to what she did will, “surprise everybody." There is more Nelle scheming to come per “General Hospital” spoilers and one wonders if Nelle snapped photo evidence of her and Sonny in bed together to use against him.

What’s next for Nelle and Sonny?

Sonny doesn't want Carly to know what happened and has only Nelle's word about their night together since he was drugged. Franco has great remorse about what he did to Sam, but she’s unforgiving. Will it be the same for Nelle? Once Sonny discovers what Nelle did, there’s no telling how he’ll react.

Sonny roughs up women when he has to, just ask Ava Jerome. Nelle is a complex character and we don’t know her entire backstory. More will be revealed soon.

'GH' rape stories

There are two rape storylines on "General Hospital" right now since Tom Baker’s return. Many “GH” watchers (and Sam and Jason) still see Franco as a rapist.

He didn’t have sex with Sam, but that doesn't matter since she was still victimized.

This Sonny-Nelle story is an interesting new twist on a rape plot with a strong male as the victim. Just like with Franco and Sam, it's unlikely Nelle had sex with a drugged-up Sonny, so that makes her the same as Franco and unlike violent rapist Tom.

More "General Hospital" spoilers coming soon on Nelle from hell and Sonny.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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