Some “General Hospital” spoilers point to Charlotte being Lulu Spencer’s daughter and it won’t be too long before Lulu is knocking at the door of the castle demanding her kid. But what has Lulu leaping to the conclusion that Charlotte is her daughter and what were “GH” writers thinking with this plot?

'GH' rewriting history on many points

The embryo thermos was stolen the same day Crichton-Clarke exploded in September 2014. Suppose Helena Cassadine had a surrogate ready to implant the embryo right when she walked out the door with flames burning behind her, that would be a delivery of May 2015 at the earliest.

Lulu’s Cassadine baby should be 18 months old at the absolute max. The cute kid playing Charlotte is seven but can pass for about five. Still, that’s way off. In Fall 2013, Rocco was born so he should be the older of the two and has been played by a child that’s age-appropriate.

Soap opera rapid aging strikes again

Charles and Ethan Losie have been playing Rocco up to Halloween then a big jump was made to Mason Tannous who is several years older than the former Rocco-twin actors. “GH” was trying to cast a kid that could stand alongside Scarlett Fernandez, the Charlotte portrayer, and be the same age.

To further tax your brain with math, there is the fact that Valentin has been around for just five years and Charlotte’s birth certificate says she was born in 1992.

That would make Charlotte the same age as Lulu, her supposed mother. “GH” writers seem to have thrown history, and their calculators, out the window.

Lulu wants the kid she thinks is hers

As December starts, on December 6, Lulu takes a closer look at Charlotte and decides she recognizes a familiarity there.

Lulu’s mom Laura also noticed that Charlotte tickled her memory. Lulu will talk to Dante who still doesn’t want a Cassadine but can’t tell his wife “no.”

Dante and detective partner Nathan will try and shake some truth out of Valentin on December 8 but after that fails, Lulu will snap and heads to personally confront Valentin on Friday, December 9.

Despite the improbability of it all, “General Hospital” spoilers point to Charlotte as Lulu’s daughter.

Rewriting history yet again?

Justifying this tangled plot will take more explaining than the improbability of Paul Hornsby as the hospital angel of death. There’s scant hope these “GH” spoilers are deliberately misleading viewers and Charlotte is not Lulu’s kid.

One has to wonder if ABC replaced the espresso machine in the “GH” writers room with a margarita dispenser since these scripts don’t seem to come from sober minds well versed in Port Charles history.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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