“General Hospital” spoilers show a change in the dynamic between Julian and Alexis this week and it’s because Alexis gets stinking drunk and runs over her homicidal ex-husband. Strangely, this may be what finally fixes Julexis. Is “GH” following a path to reuniting Julian and Alexis that doesn’t involve redemption at all?

Julian can’t be redeemed, not a deal breaker?

How does a husband bounce back from putting a knife to his wife’s throat, like Julian did to Alexis? He can’t. Nothing can make that better unless they find a brain tumor in his head, which won’t happen.

But “General Hospital” writers might be going in another oddball direction. Rather than lifting Julian up by redeeming him, what if they are dragging Alexis down to his level?

Alexis has been making increasingly erratic and poor choices including boozing with sleazeball rapist Tom Baker, drinking at the low-rent roadhouse, and next is driving drunk. The new “General Hospital” spoilers promo for Thanksgiving gives us a shocking visual of Alexis running down Julian while he pleads with her not to drive drunk.

Could that be cupid hitting Julian with a car?

Alexis hits rock bottom, Julian there for her

Fans of Julexis want them back together but there is not a clear path, although we’ve suggested a few options. Julian can’t be made better. He’s proven himself to be a low-life of the worst sort. Alexis lowering herself down to his level would put them on equal footing. Julian has tried everything to convince her he loves her, now his life is on the line.

“General Hospital” spoilers say Julian won’t die as a result of Alexis running him down but he’ll be hurt and will gain leverage over her. The text Alexis got from Diane saying the bar association was going to review her license in January was not for nothing. If Alexis is arrested for DUI and running down her ex while drunk, she can forget her law career.

Julian injured but saves Alexis from herself?

Alexis running over Julian gives him a bargaining chip. Some “GH” spoilers on gossip sites say Alexis and Julian at the same bar on Thanksgiving leads to something steamy between them but this seems a long shot. However, Alexis running over her ex-husband can and will change everything between them and could be the first step to Julexis reconciling.

Alexis needs saving but no one knows she’s bottoming out except Jax who can’t tell anyone because she threatened to tell Carly about the black-market kidney. Julian may be the only one who can save her from herself even though he’s the very last person Alexis wants fighting her battles.

Does the road to a Julexis reunion start with Julian’s battered body?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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