"General Hospital" made Julian (William DeVry) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) a super soap couple. They have lovingly been named "Julexis" and the fan base for them is powerful. Social media can be found with the hashtag "Julexis" all over the place. The writers initially set them up for a lifetime of happiness, but it was short-lived.

The rise and fall of 'Julexis'

The demise of "Julexis" really upset fans. They were promised a redemption was on the way but it wasn't able to be seen in the beginning.

Fans watched "General Hospital" day in and day out hoping for a glimmer of reconciliation and were disappointed more often than not. Alexis was becoming a drunk and rumors hinted that she would hurt Sam (Kelly Monaco) and the new baby she was carrying. While that hasn't happened, more disturbing things have.

According to Soap Shows, Alexis would be leaving the dive bar she was drinking at highly intoxicated. Julian happened to be there as well and as he insists they call their daughter (Sam), Alexis takes off.

When Julian runs out after her, she ends up running him over while still in the parking lot.

'Julexis' redemption begins

In the previews for Monday's "General Hospital," Alexis is shown telling Julian not to die on her. She knows that she messed up and despite the fact that he did try to kill her, deep down she still loves this man. Fans are hopeful "Julexis" will be reunited over the tragedy, but it will likely be long and drawn out.

The drinking has gotten out of control, and with her lawyer license on the line, Alexis has a lot to lose if she is charged with any crime.

Julian may be able to redeem himself by not implicating Alexis as the driver but will that be the route he chooses? "General Hospital" will begin airing again Monday after a long weekend off in observance of Thanksgiving. It will be an intense week for "Julexis" but fans are hopeful that this will be the beginning of the road to redemption.

Without each other, Alexis and Julian will not be able to fully function. They are meant to be and the writers are working to right their wrong.

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