“General Hospital” spoilers have Jason Morgan on a rushed quest to solve the case of who killed Morgan Corinthos. He must hurry to find the answers so that he can save the life of his best bud Sonny Corinthos who is haunted, quite literally, by the ghosts of his bad decisions.

Morgan wants Sonny dead

In some of his final appearances, Bryan Craig is playing it up as beyond-the-grave Morgan who is haunting his dad on the daily and encouraging him to eat his pistol. Sonny’s guilt almost got him to do the deadly deed on the transom bridge, but Robin Scorpio saved him.

It seems that Morgan’s ghost,which is a manifestation of Sonny’s guilt, won’t stop and the voices in Sonny’s head will grow louder every day.

Undead Morgan told his dad, “You know what you have to do. You knew it last night on the bridge and you know it right now. You have to get peace for both of us.”

Jason scours Port Charles for answers

Jason knows he must alleviate Sonny’s guilt soon or he could lose him forever. He just talked to Sam Morgan about seeing all the hallmark signs that Sonny is crashing deep into a bipolar depression and that’s when he’s most dangerous and vulnerable.

“General Hospital” spoilers show Jason does something he hates and turns to Curtis Ashford for help and wants to know what else Curtis has discovered. GH watchers know that Sonny is innocent of this bombing but Jason must find evidence to convince Sonny.

Sonny’s torment is real

While ghostly Morgan may be a hallucination, the guilt and torment are very real to Sonny that’s why he called Diane Miller and told her to get his affairs “in order” and everyone knows what that means. After Diane alerts Jason to Sonny’s request, the former hit man knows time is running out.

Sonny will reach out to Carly Corinthos this week and that falls flat so he’s reached the end of his tether. Sonny is determined to take his life in penance for Morgan losing his and it seems like nothing can stop him. The question remains will he take vengeance against Julian Jerome before he ends his life?

Can Jason piece together the clues in time to save Sonny? Can Sonny ever put this tragedy behind him? How long until there'sa Morgan recast that could shut down all this angst? “General Hospital” spoilers hint at recast but there’s no official word yet.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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