The “General Hospital” rumor mill is in overdrive thanks to a new “General Hospital” spoiler that Elizabeth Webber gets bad news this week and Franco Baldwin is there to comfort and protect her. It has been quite a whilesince Tom Baker was sent to Pentonville and rumor has it, he might be back soon.

Remember Tom Baker aka Tom Yergin?

Tom was the awful guy that raped Elizabeth as a teenager but was never prosecuted for that crime. He later targeted Emily Quartermaine back when Amber Tamblyn was in the role and Liz and Emily ended up both taken captive by the creep before he was arrested.Liz acted out at Tom’s trial and almost caused a mistrial.

Eventually there was a plea bargain and he went away for blackmailing Emily but not for what he did to Liz. There is “GH” rumor talk that Tom is getting out of Pentonville and will come to Port Charles.

Why would they bring back Liz’s rapist?

There’s an elephant in the relationship room of Elizabeth and Franco. He was long presumed a rapist because of his interaction with Sam Morgan. Back when she and Jason Morgan were last married, Franco kidnapped her and made a video that implied he raped her.For a long time that’s what everyone thought and there was even the question of whether Franco might be Danny Morgan’s biological father.

That’s all settled and Franco addressed to Sam that he can’t undo what he did but he has genuine remorse. But there’s more to it.

Can a rape victim date a rapist?

From Sam’s perspective, even though Franco has proven he didn’t rape her since he showed the entire video and no rape occurred, she still felt raped. She thought for a long time that he did drug and rape her so she’s been living in her head like a rape victim.

That’s not a good thing.Liz was actually raped quite brutally with no drugs or anything to dull what happened. It was terrible. Can a rape victim live with someone that has a rape history of his own hanging over his head? “GH” watchers have been vocal about their disapproval of this storyline.

Forgiveness or more fear?

If Tom Baker does return, Liz will freak out and will have to relive the fear and frustration all over again.

The “General Hospital” spoiler says the person from Elizabeth’s past that returns will make Franco ask himself if he’s the right person to be with her. It’s a good question to ask.

Supposing Tom does come back, what does he want? Did he learn his lesson in prison and wants to ask forgiveness? Or does he want payback since Liz was part of the group that put him away for so long? No matter what he wants, how Liz handles it will affect her future with Franco.

Can Franco suppress his rage?

Then again, Franco might not let Tom get close enough to Liz to ask for forgiveness. If anything could conjure up the scary killer that lurks inside Franco Baldwin, it's the man who hurt Liz so horribly.

An interaction with Tom could cause Franco to examine himself more closely.

If she forgives Tom, that could mean Liz is at peace with her past and can move forward with Franco. If she can’t forgive the man who attacked her, that could mean that she can’t be with Franco who lives in Sam’s mind as her rapist. This could be a major turning point for the Friz pairing.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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