Several “General Hospital” spoilers from this week relate to Dr. Hamilton Finn’s research which will become more urgent now that Hayden Barnes has been infected. When you hang a sign on the door of the lab that says “hazardous materials” you hope that people can read. Apparently lab rat Brad Cooper cannot. But it’s not Brad’s fault. It was just a series of unfortunate events that led to Hayden’s toxic exposure.

Will Finn watch another woman he loves die?

Hammy Finn already lost one woman to this pathogen – his wife Reiko Finn.

Now just as he’s falling for Hayden she’ll be diagnosed as infected with the same disease. Is it Finn’s fate to watch another woman he loves die of the same disease that’s killing him?We have to hope there is a chance that early intervention might save Hayden. GHspoilers for this week and next say Elizabeth Webber helps Dr. Finn and Tracy Quartermaine help her sister. Can they stop the pathogen from taking hold in her system or is it too late?

Elizabeth pays Hayden back for blood?

Next week, Elizabeth is asked to help Hayden. Is there some stem cell treatment or major blood transfusion that can save Hayden from the progression of the illness? Hayden gave Elizabeth her blood at a cost and with a little blackmail on the part of Franco Baldwin.Will the tables turn and Elizabeth is now asked to save her sister?

She can’t really say no, can she? “General Hospital” spoilers also tie Laura Spencer into this storyline, but she’s no fan of Hayden’s but she might help out of the milk of human kindness despite the hard feelings.

Dr. Finn is in a race against the clock

Ham Finn wanted to save his own life but he also feels guilty about Reiko’s death so his heart wasn’t fully invested in the research.

With Hayden now sick, he needs to pick up the pace. Finn could still die since his disease has progressed further but he doesn’t want Hayden to die.Finn needs to get his shaky hands under control and get to work on his research. Finn should have locked the lab so Brad wouldn’t come in grabbing vials but it was his own jittery hands that led to the lab accident. Where are the little safety cones you put around a wet floor? Might have been a good idea.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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