Some new “General Hospital” spoilers from the soap mags have really disturbing details about kidney victim Nelle Hayes. We can all agree that we feel bad about her awful parents selling off her kidney but she’s punishing the wrong person: Carly Corinthos. What Nelle does next borders on sickening.

Nelle and Carly

Nelle is an angry young woman. There’s a bunch of rage right beneath the surface of her skin. We saw it when she nastily called Kiki Jerome “princess” and we see it every time Carly’s back is turned.

But with Jasper Jacks finally admitting to Alexis Davis that he bought the kidney, we know who’s to blame.

It seems like Jax is going to skip town again and leave Carly to be punished for his black market kidney buying. Nelle has some plans she’s shifting into place and “General Hospital” spoilers say she takes advantage of the death of Morgan Corinthos to begin her punishment plans.

Also, did everyone notice how spiteful she seemed when Carly read Sonny Corinthos’ letter out loud and announced she’d be taken care of financially?

Nelle was hateful about Carly getting millions of dollars even though the cost of all that money was the death of her son. Nelle is vengeful, plain and simple.

Nelle and Michael and Sonny

GH” spoilers make it seem like Nelle will mostly take the holidays off from being awful but as December creeps closer, she makes a move. Carly is on the cusp of calling it quits with Sonny and divorcing him. We all know he’s going to go after the bomber and Carly can’t take it anymore.

This helps Nelle.

Sonny is grieving, angry that Morgan died, and desperate to punish whomever took his son. His emotional upheaval, drinking, and mental unbalance is the perfect playground for Nelle who begins to manipulate Sonny on November 29 according to new “General Hospital” spoilers.

Nelle feels a bit guilty about what she does next, according to the “GH” spoilers, but that doesn’t stop her. Nelle also has Michael Corinthos in her sights.

Will Nelle sleep with both father and son? Is Nelle planning on destroying Carly by taking her husband, wrecking CarSon, and messing with Carly's only remaining son? Is she that low?

Nelle’s only endgame is messing up Carly’s life bt sleeping with Sonny and Michael. On the other hand, she may sleep with just one and mess with the mind of the other. Nelle is broken on the inside and so she’s trying to break Carly. How far will she go and is there any hope for Nelle after this?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

See the vibe between Nelle, Carly, and Bobbie in this video:

And remember how Michael convinced Nelle to stay in this video:

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