“General Hospital” spoilers indicate that Claudette will remain away from Port Charles for the time-being, as actress Bree Williamson has wrapped up her time in the role, at least for now. As viewers recently saw, she took off and left daughter Charlotte behind with Griffin, going on the run. There is clearly still more to be revealed about Claudette and Charlotte, and it sounds as if the door may be open for a return down the road.

Could Claudette return at a later date?

Soap Opera Digest details that Bree Williamson has wrapped up her time as Claudette on “General Hospital.” However, Bree Williamson hints that this isn't necessarily a permanent departure and she makes it clear that she would love the opportunity to return.

She says that the timing for her departure worked out well personally, but there may be more in store for her in the role.

How are “General Hospital” fans reacting to the news of Williamson's departure? The Soap Opera Digest Facebook page post with the announcement is generating quite a bit of buzz. Many “GH” fans seem to agree that while Bree is a fantastic actress who could bring a lot to the soap, the storyline she was given just didn't become a hit with viewers. Of course, there is still plenty of mystery surrounding Claudette's disappearance, Valentin's role in it, and likely some secrets regarding Charlotte, and fans would like to see answers flushed out on all of that.

There are still questions remaining regarding Claudette

For now, people will have to stay tuned to see if Claudette does pop back up again, or if the show leaves these details hanging or provides answers without Williamson present. Does this mean that Maxie and Nathan can now get married without any further drama or setbacks? The two have set a date that is quickly approaching, but “General Hospital” spoilers from Soap Central tease that there is at least one more snag ahead.

Do you think that “General Hospital” should bring Bree Williamson back to work through more of the Claudette storyline or is it better to just wrap things up and end this one? Spoilers tease that there is plenty more drama on the way and fans are anxious to see where things head next with Griffin, Charlotte, Valentin, and the rest of the folks in Port Charles.

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