Fresh from Twitter, “General Hospital” spoilers say that Dr. Andre Maddox is set to leave Port Charles. Many GH watchers have seen the writing on the wall, but actor Anthony Montgomery seems to have confirmed his exit via Twitter on Sunday, November 13.

The doctor has left the building

Anthony Montgomery tweeted, “Happy Sunday ya’ll! Had a terrific meeting last night about me being part of an exciting new Sci-Fi series after my time is done on GH.” Then an hour later, after his tweet triggered passionate response from GH fans, Montgomery clarified.

He tweeted a second time (both tweets are below) and said, “I am NOT leaving GH. The team behind the new Sci-Fi series want me to join their show after I’m done on GH, whenever that is. #AndreStays” That seemed to calm down fans, but Andre’s story seems to be winding down.

Andre and Jordan done soon?

With the simmering sexual tension between Jordan Ashford and Curtis Ashford, the end of Andre and Jordan seems to be writing on the wall.

With Morgan Corinthos dead and another shrink on-staff at “GH” they could either write him out of the show or move Montgomery to recurring.

As it is, with the Morgan storyline wrapping soon and the end of Jordan and Andre seemingly on the horizon, Anthony Montgomery’s character might be at loose ends. If he does exit the show, it’ll be sad news for soap fans but great news for sci-fi fans.

Anthony Montgomery’s stellar sci-fi career

Lately “General Hospital” spoilers have granted us a wealth of new actors on the show that come from sci-fi and fantasy backgrounds. Both Matt Cohen, who plays Dr.

Griffin Munro, and James Patrick Stuart, who plays Valentin Cassadine, were former cast members of The CW’s “Supernatural.”

Montgomery, too, has a career past in sci-fi series. He did 98 episodes of “Star Trek: Enterprise” as Travis Mayweather. He does the sci-fi and fantasy convention circuit and where he signs autographs for Star Trek fans and fans of his graphic novel series “Miles Away” about a superhero orphan teen.

Anthony Montgomery’s tweets caused some alarm among “GH” fans and despite his reassurance that he’s not leaving the show yet, it seems an exit may be coming. “General Hospital” spoilers say there’s trouble in paradise for Andre and Jordan and that could be the beginning of the end.

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