Weekly “General Hospital” spoilers from TV Source Magazine say that Nelle Hayes eavesdrops on a private conversation and spoilers from ABC Soaps in Depth show Nelle obtaining some incriminating evidence. Could the evidence Nelle gets be the pills Ava Jerome used to mess with Morgan Corinthos? Can Nelle use those to further her revenge plans against Carly Corinthos?

Nelle targets Carly’s loved ones

“General Hospital” rumors abound that Nelle plans a total takedown of Carly’s life in revenge for the black market sale of Nelle’s kidney. Although Jax confessed to Alexis that he’s the one that bought the illegal organ and ruined Nelle’s life, the kidney victim is clueless and still blames Carly.

Nelle has her sights set on taking everything Carly holds dear.

Michael, Sonny, and Josslyn are the only ones left with Morgan gone. Nelle is flirting up Michael but has plans for Sonny too and she seems to be going down a similar path to the one Carly took when she came to Port Charles and exacted revenge on her mom Bobbie Spencer. So why the medication mention? Sonny loves Carly but when he’s off his meds, he makes bad choices like sleeping with Ava.

Another medication mess-up coming?

Nelle has been researching Port Charles history and might know all about Sonny’s history and his fragile mental state. “GH” spoilers on Nelle eavesdropping and getting the dirt on someone could be about Ava and Scott Baldwin.

Spoilers for the week say Ava presses Scott to get Morgan’s medication from Lucy Coe. If he can, but Nelle knows, she might want the pills to swap out for Sonny’s pills.

The medication tampering worked well against Morgan, although tragically, so Nelle could want them in order to push Sonny over the edge too which would take down Carly another notch.

Some “GH” rumors have Nelle sleeping with Sonny as part of her revenge plan. Whether Nelle plans to bed Sonny or just drive him over the edge, messing with his bipolar medication would work.

What is Nelle’s endgame?

“GH” viewers are still waiting to see the letter that Nelle has been hiding from her father that seemed to put pressure on her.

It could be that Nelle lied to Carly and her parents are not dead. The letter could be old or her dad could be very much alive and she’s working for or with him in Port Charles. Given how long Nelle has been in town, “GH” watchers are getting impatient to know the truth.

“General Hospital” spoilers make it seem like it will be a while yet before we know exactly why Nelle is sabotaging Carly beyond the simple fact of her kidney sacrifice to save Josslyn Jacks. Some tabloid sites have hinted Nelle is Carly’s daughter but Laura Wright said very clearly that is not what is happening. Don’t believe everything you read!

This med swap is just a “GH” theory, but it could happen. “General Hospital” loves to repeat plots so they might put this device to work again to help Nelle get revenge, help her get into Sonny’s bed, or just help her get into Sonny’s head.

However we can only hope the plot picks up the pace soon before we all just don’t care anymore.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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