A “General Hospital” spoilers fan theory on whom is blackmailing Julian Jerome has gained some momentum on social media, so we’re exploring it today to see if it could happen. Is Olivia Jerome, also known as Olivia St. John, daughter of Victor Jerome and full-blood sister to Julian Jerome back from the dead?

Do you remember Olivia Jerome?

Olivia Jerome had a tough life. Being daughter to thug Victor Jerome was never easy and she was shot by two siblings -- both Dino Jerome, the older half-brother, and Julian. It was the last shot by Julian that took her life. Olivia is also an art dealer like her half-sister Ava Jerome.

Olivia was in Port Charles in the late 80s and died in 1990. “Oscar Jessup” is the name that we’ve heard associated with Julian’s car bomb and he also supposedly died in 1990.

Is Olivia masquerading as Oscar Jessup?

Since Oscar went missing the same time Olivia supposedly died, perhaps they are partners in crime – or she could be masquerading as him. Both have the initials “OJ” so that might be a bread crumb type hint dropped by “General Hospital” writers.

On Friday, November 15, we saw a brief glimpse of the person talking to Julian on the phone and there was a red shirt.

It looked more like a blouse than a shirt since it was a red, satin-y kind of material. It could be Olivia using a voice distorter to make her sound like a man.

If it is Olivia, what does she want?

Foremost, Olivia would want revenge on her brother Julian for shooting her and that’s why she could have placed a car bomb in his vehicle.

Julian killed Olivia to keep secret a scam he was running about Duke Lavery. Olivia was obsessed with Duke and caused Anna to miscarry Duke’s child.

Olivia died at General Hospital after Julian shot her in a Port Charles courtroom so she wouldn’t reveal his secrets about installing an imposter to pretend to be Duke and fool Anna.

Olivia was known for wearing red and loved shiny blouses, so it might be her.

Another “GH” spoiler for next week

According to Soap Opera Digest, Julian was ordered to fire Curtis by this person who is also forcing Julian to push the “General Hospital” condo project. Older “GH” spoilers said Mayor Lomax was behind the plan but she’s nowhere to be seen so that was dropped or changed.

Since Olivia “died” at “GH” she might have a grudge against the hospital. Olivia’s death was in a hospital bed after she was shot by Julian. They could explain that Olivia lived and was hidden away by a Jerome ally. Death isn’t always final on “GH”.

This “General Hospital” spoilers theory by fans might be a good one. Fans figured out who Jake Doe was right away and figured out Luke-Fluke-Luke long before the writers revealed what they were doing. This could be happening again with Julian and Olivia.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

Here's a "GH" video of Olivia Jerome's death in 1990:

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