From “General Hospital” spoilers and news, we know that the ABC soap “GH” finally buried Morgan Corinthos even though the character died a month ago. Now the actor that portrayed Morgan, Bryan Craig, announced via Snapchat that he injured himself and may require surgery.

A new movie after quitting "GH"

Almost as soon as Bryan Craig announced he was terminating his “General Hospital” contract and leaving the soap, he announced he had landed a role in a new movie with Ludacris called “Ride” that centers on the true story of a BMX rider named John Buutltjens.

Bryan’s part is that of another BMX rider named Jack who was a pal of John’s. Bryan showed off a new look when he landed the film role and showed off photos of his completely shaved head with a bandanna obscuring his lower face – all part of his new movie look.

BMX injury on the set of “Ride”?

On Snapchat on Tuesday, November 15, Bryan Craig revealed he had injured himself and it looks like it’s a BMX injury from the set of “Ride.” He told his Snapchat followers, “So I messed around and injured myself” but did so with a funny filter on his face even though he had to be in pain.

Craig also said, “I’ll get the news today if I broke a ligament in my leg or…” but no update has been provided yet. He added, “We’re hoping not to have to have surgery – that would be the win for today – there’s no surgery involved.”

It looks like he and fiancée Kelly Thiebaud (ex Britt Westbourne from “GH”) were ill-prepared for his injury saying, “When you don’t got an icebag I guess you’ve to use cut corn” as he showed another image of his leg in a walking cast with a frozen bag of veggies on his leg.

Will Bryan Craig need surgery?

One good thing about soaps is that while an actor might have to work up tears, they generally don’t break legs or tear ligaments on soap sets. Bryan Craig never wound up injured on the set of “General Hospital” filmed at Prospect Park studios.

He might need surgery, but what many “GH” fans wish is for him to return to the role of Morgan Corinthos on “General Hospital”.

Some “General Hospital” spoilers and rumors indicate there will be a recast of the role of Morgan at some point since there was no body found and on soaps, that means a return from the “dead” at some point.

You can share well-wishes for Bryan Craig on Instagram or Twitter. He’s bryan_craig on both social media platforms and Snapchat as well. Get well soon Bryan!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and “Ride” the movie is slated for a 2017 release.

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