Some “General Hospital” spoilers say Julian Jerome is more concerned about Alexis Davis Jerome than ever despite the distractions of trying to turn Port Charles’ best hospital into high-priced condos. Is there a way back for Julexis? Maybe. Here are three ideas to revive the love of Julian and Alexis.

#1 Julian can save Alexis from the bottle

Alexis is deep into a battle with the bottle and failing miserably. She’s drinking on the daily, lying to everyone about it, and almost neglected grandson Danny Morgan to death.

Who can blame her? She’s not no law license, a murderous brother in town, and her husband tried to kill her. Wine sounds good.

GH” spoilers say Julian will discover Alexis is still a drunken sot despite her pledge to stay off the bottle while Sam gestates. Julian threatens to tell Sam. That’s not enough to redeem him. If Julian can sober her up and get her on the right track, that could be enough to breathe life into the Julexis love story.

#2 Julian can save Sam’s new baby

Sam told Julian she didn’t need him anymore when she visited him at the police department after his arrest for trying to kill her mom.

He tried to play the “Danny card” but Sam shut it down and is confident with Jason Morgan’s return, she can bum some stem cells from her baby daddy if needed. Maybe not.

After Sam gives birth (rumored to happen in February) we could see a baby complication. GH writers promised upheaval. If neither Jason nor Sam are a match to donate blood/marrow/cells, etc. then Julian could donate and prove he’s needed if only as a donor.

That might get him in good with Alexis again.

#3 Julian can save the town (and Alexis) from Valentin

Julian was one of the worst guys in town until he met Alexis and tried to be better. Then he backslid while trying to save his sister Ava. Then things fell apart. But now there’s a bigger villain. If anything can make you look better, it’s standing next to someone worse than you. “GH” spoilers promise trouble.

We know Valentin is a bad guy and has evil plans in town and he might even hurt Alexis. If Julian can shut down Valentin’s plans and save Alexis, Sam, and others from the Greek baddie, that would go a long way towards making him more palatable to his loved ones. That might reignite Julexis.

Many fans seem desperate to have Julexis back together. Their love burned so hot and then burned out just as dramatically. “GH” writers have offered some “General Hospital” spoilers that Julian and Alexis still have a journey to go, but there is hope for them.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

Video: The worst of Julexis

Video: The best of Julexis

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