A "General Hospital” spoiler video just came out that shows a sneak peek at Monday, November 21st. Nelle’s up to no good which is how she rolls and Carly is trying to forget the pain in her life and is using Jax to make her feel better. Next week gets off to a dramatic start in this video hosted by Laura Wright who calls it a “first look” for “GH” watchers.

Nelle vs Kiki

Nelle doesn’t like Kiki and poor Kiki has no clue. It sounds like anyone that has something, whether it be love in their life, family, or money, is an irritant to Nelle who thinks life has done her wrong. Last time Nelle and Kiki talked, Nelle called her princess behind her back.

On Monday, Nelle asks Kiki how she’s doing since Morgan’s death and reminds Kiki how she hurt him before he died. Nelle starts out playing nice and says she’s knows it has been a “difficult time”. Nelle says she saw her at the funeral and that it must be hard given how, “things ended between you and Morgan.”

Nelle subtly harasses Kiki

Kiki says, “I would give anything to change how Morgan felt that night. He was a great guy.” Nelle says she just met him but could already tell, “just how special he was” and adds, “I just hate that his death is tearing his family apart like this.”

Nelle makes these remarks in a sympathetic tone and with a kind smile, but you can almost hear her smirking inside her own head as Kiki tears up.

Kiki was fine until Nelle started the conversation and she won’t let Kiki forget for a moment her role in Morgan’s death.

Carly and Jax make love?

Carly and Jax have been subjected to intense matchmaking efforts by their daughter Josslyn who even tried to use her Pride and Prejudice essay to hint very overtly that the two of them belong together.

Carly is sad, lonely and grieving when she reaches out to Jax, forgetting Sonny for now.

Carly kisses her ex-hubby and then he steps back and says, “Let’s stop for a second” but Carly says, “Let’s not” and pulls him back into a passionate kiss. Jax kisses back and things get steamy. Carly will regret this but at what point?

"GH" watchers must wonder if she sleeps with Jax or if they stop, and whether CarJax is making a comeback.

The drama from the “GH” spoilers sneak peek promo takes place on “General Hospital” Monday, November 21 on ABC.

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