“General Hospital” spoilers have Jason Morgan and Sam Morgan closer than ever with a baby on the way on “GH” but is that hot screen love bleeding over into their real lives? A “GH” fan spotted Billy Miller and Kelly Monacoout in LA on what might have been a Halloween date!

Kelly and Billy caught canoodling

The notoriously press shy Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are rarely seen in photos outside of the occasional soap fan event so this was a real treat. Check out the pics below shared by Blossom C. Brown who has been on TV herself.

Miss Blossom is a transgender woman and actress who made appearances on Season 1 of E!

network’s "I Am Cait" alongside Caitlyn Jenner. The actress tweeted the photos taken outside an LA eatery and mentioned that she was a fan of “GH” all her life and said, “They were so sweet!”

Second time Kelly and Billy have been seen together

Photos surfaced last September of Kelly and Billy frolicking in the ocean in LA looking very cozy like their small screen counterparts Jason and Sam. If Miss Blossom caught these two on a date night in LA rather than a friends outing, that means there’s been a “real life” JaSam for more than a year.

If Kelly and Billy are dating, that would account for their intense sizzle on screen. Jason and Sam have gotten hot and heavy recently and it would certainly make their on screen love scenes easier to film since they’d be replaying what they’re already doing in their private lives.

Could have been a group outing but-

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller were not photographed together but separately with Miss Blossom but it seems clear they were out together on Halloween.

Whether it was a group outing or a date night isn’t clear but it’s enough to give “GH” fans hope that their favorite couple is in love in real life.

Jason and Sam are recently remarried and pregnant and “General Hospital” spoilersshow more drama for the two in coming storylines and perhaps in real life. Will long time bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars alum Kelly be settling down in real life with Billy?

Did the on screen romance of Jason and Sam inspire real life romance for Kelly and Billy? It’s always nice when that happens and “GH” has spawned its share of real life romances including Felicia and Frisco Jones. Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner were married for years.

Rebecca Herbst, the actress who plays Elizabeth Webber, met her husband on “GH” and Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash, Maxie Jones and Johnny Zacchara, met on the set of “General Hospital” although they recently split.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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