“General Hospital” spoilers are safe to Google but if you web search “General Hospital” alone, you’ll see an auto-fill of “cancelled” after it. To make things worse, there seems to be a lot of tweets of GH cancelled." Don’t panic. This is the work of one troll that is panicking fans needlessly.

Who is this “GH” hating troll?

You can see one of the tweets below. This account has no profile pic – it’s the generic Twitter “egg” and the account has only been open since September 2016. Leading up to the election, the tweets were anti-Donald Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton. The user writes in imperfect English saying things like “Hillary Clinton is Top #1” which indicates it’s likely a foreign account trolling US soap fans for fun.

The tweets demand that ABC “cancelled ABC’s GH” and adds “Now or Else!”

Threats involving government agencies

The tweets include the “GH” hashtag, the official “General Hospital” Twitter account, and official ABC network account. But that’s not all. The repetitive tweets also demand that the FCC, FBI, and CIA “arrest all the cast of ABC”s GH." These tweets are not legitimate "General Hospital" spoilers and are designed to scare. Don't give in!

Before “GH” this troll targeted “Pretty Little Liars” in reverse saying “The show is not cancelled!” Ironically, “PLL” has ended its run but “General Hospital” is still going strong. This is clearly not a fan of the show but someone trolling for attention.

Google trending rewards the “GH” troll

Unfortunately, Google paid attention and now this “GH cancelled” theme is trending. That’s because the tweets are coming out like a flood, all from the same user. This post is not to feed the mania, but to let “GH” fans know there’s nothing to worry about and they can ignore or block the troll on Twitter.

There are always disgruntled fans that threaten to boycott the show and others that worry about “GH” rumors that writers are deliberately torpedoing the show in order to have it cancelled and replace it with lower cost daytime talk. This is just idle chatter. “GH” is fine.

Ignore the trolls, enjoy your soap and rest assured that Port Charles is safe for now.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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