After "Game of Thrones" season 6 finale everyone is wondering where Daenerys and her army will land. It's very likely that the Mother of Dragons will reach Westeros in "GOT" season 7 episode 1, and now we are pretty sure we know where she will land. Be careful: possible spoilers ahead!

Daenerys in Westeros: the King's Landing's situation

Several theories about where Daenerys Targaryen will land spread all over the web after "Game of Thrones" season 6 finale. Some fans believe the Dragon Queen will immediately attack King's Landing, to take advantage of the capital's unstable situation. Another reason why the queen could hit the capital first, is to avoid the organization of the Lannister army.

Dorne and High Garden

We don't think that Dany's army will land near High Garden: Olenna wouldn't like to have a horde of Dothrakis in her land, and the move doesn't look smart from a strategic point of view.

It's more likely that Daenerys will land in Dorne, regrouping and planning her next moves from the Martell's "unbendable" kingdom, but we must point out that Dorne is very far away from the capital.

Where Dany is most likely to land: Dragonstone

Dragonstone is one of the strongest fortresses in the Seven Kingdoms. After Robert's Rebellion, Robert Baratheon gave the castle to Stannis, but the stronghold, which is located on the island of the same name, was the seat of House Targaryen in Westeros for centuries.

Before that, it was the westernmost Valyrian Freehold.

It would be almost impossible for Cersei to take the castle if Daenerys decides to land on the island; moreover, Dragonstone it's very close to King's Landing. At the moment the castle it's easy to conquer, it will provide excellent defences and it's also located in a strategic position.

Filming location: Bilbao

We know that Emilia Clarke and other actors of Daenerys' group has been filming in Bilbao, a widely believed set for Dragonstone. This information corroborates an already strong theory, therefore it looks very likely that Dany's destination is not King's Landing, but Dragonstone.

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