The unofficial "Game of Thrones" season 7 release date reported on some sites (and fanmade teaser posters) claims that the new season of the show will premiere on June 25, 2017. Since this information hasn't been confirmed, there is no certainty that "GOT" season 7 will really air on this date.

'GOT' season 7 release date: a good hypothesis

On the other hand we must point out that June 25 is quite a good hypothesis: it's Summer 2017's first Sunday (the only official announcement from HBO stated that the show will be back in "Summer 2017"); considering that is rather unlikely that "GOT" season 7 will premiere in the second half of July, we can speculate that the first episode's release date will be very close to the unofficial one.

'Game of Thrones' theories: remember the Cleganebowl?

The fight between The Hound and his brother didn't happen in season 6, as many fans predicted. Will the Cleganbowl will take place in season 7? The theory is far more interesting now. Sandor is in the Riverlands with Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr and he hasn't lost his temper after his recovery and the time spent with Septon Meribald. Although he didn't look very interested in Thoros' speeches about fate and gods, he's totally going to do "something important" in season 7.

We think that he's not going to stay in the Riverlands forever, and since he has no home or other places to go, he may travel back to King's Landing. He still wants to kill his brother but he's probably going to need a little push to approach the capital again. What if Arya (who is in the Riverlands as well) goes looking for two of the closest men on her death list, Beric and Thoros, and team up with The Hound again?

Her next step could be approaching King's landing, where she may find some new targets.

Sandor will go north

Be careful: possible spoilers ahead! A fan spotted actor Rory McCann (Sandro Clegane) in Seville. Even if we can't be sure, it may suggest that The Hound is really going to approach the capital again, since near Seville a lot of scenes in the King's Landing's nearby are being filmed.

If you dreamed of a final fight between The Hound and The Mountain don't lose your hopes: the breathtaking Cleganbowl could actually happen in season 7!

'GOT' season 7: detailed director's list leaked

Recently Watchers on the Wall reported a list of season 7 episodes which clarify who is going to direct which episode. Here's the list:

  • 7x01 (season premiere): Jeremy Podeswa
  • 7x02: Mark Mylod
  • 7x03: Mark Mylod
  • 7x04: Matt Shakman
  • 7x05: Matt Shakman
  • 7x06: Alan Taylor
  • 7x07 (season finale): Jeremy Podeswa

HBO hasn't confirmed the list, but Watchers on the Wall is usually a reliable source.

We also would like to remember that Miguel Sapochnik - the most loved "Game of Thrones" director ("The Winds of Winter", "Battle of the Bastards", Hardhome) - teased his return for "GOT" season 8.

He's not going to direct any season 7 episodes, but he will be back for the Great Finale.

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