“Agents of SHIELD” has seen a lot of increased social media buzz from comic book fans as the result of adding Ghost Rider to their recurring cast members this season. Not all of that buzz has been positive though as Robbie Reyes, played by Gabriel Luna, isn’t some fans’ first choice for a live action role. Fans who have been wishing for another Ghost Rider to pop up on the show got their wish in the most recent episode, but for those who might not have been so sure about his identity, Luna basically confirmed it on twitter.

The history of Ghost Rider

The original Ghost Rider was actually part of Marvel’s Western comics, though he would go on to become the Phantom Rider.

The first Ghost Rider to use the spirit of vengeance was Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stuntman who made a “deal with the devil” after one of his family members was afflicted with a terminal illness.

After Johnny Blaze came Danny Ketch, with a similar story of wanting to save a family member, and then Johnny Blaze again, and then Robbie Reyes. The common through line in all three of their story arcs is that each character wants to save someone they care about at the expense of their own soul. They’re all willing to sell their souls to the devil in order to save or exact vengeance for their family members.

Johnny Blaze has been the only Ghost Rider to appear on the big screen as Nicolas Cage took on the role before the character rights went back to Marvel Studios.

Now, Robbie Reyes is getting his turn on the small screen.

‘The Good Samaritan’

In the most recent episode of “Agents of SHIELD,” the series delved into their version of the Robbie Reyes backstory, and in it, it turns out another Ghost Rider, depicted by a man with a flaming skull, so we never see his true face, passed on the spirit of vengeance to Robbie.

This man, known only as “the good samaritan” by Robbie’s little brother, also happened to ride a motorcycle and show up just as Robbie had died.

Fans who know their comic book history had already suspected that Johnny Blaze existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the previous episode in which his American flag motorcycle helmet and a poster of the carnival in which he performed appeared as Easter eggs.

A man on a motorcycle with a flaming skull seemed to clinch it.

But that, of course, is all speculation unless someone at “Agents of SHIELD” confirms the character’s existence.

Gabriel Luna shares a few pictures

Following the airing of the episode, and all of the excitement about the appearance of two Ghost Riders, Luna shared a few images from comic books on his twitter account. Both featured the Ghost Rider he plays on the show in his comic book form, teaming up with Johnny Blaze, seemingly confirming the identity of the man who gave his character his abilities.

In the comics, Johnny Blaze took Robbie Reyes under his wing at one point to help the new Ghost Rider understand and control his new abilities.

Might we see the character pop up on the show for more than just a cameo?

A very special visit

The images shared by Luna aren’t the only hint at a Johnny Blaze future on the show though. Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog, a writer and artist, respectively, who worked on one of the Johnny Blaze comic book runs, both appeared at the screening of the season premiere in Los Angeles as special guests. Executive producer Jed Whedon hinted that audiences would understand why they were there later in the show’s season.

To be sure, they could have been there simply as an acknowledgment of their Easter egg input in what audiences have already seen on the show, but it’s also possible that their version of Johnny Blaze might be getting a live action counterpart.

We’re in for a wait before we know for sure. “Agents of SHIELD” has the next three weeks off before it returns with new episodes on November 29.

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