Stephanie Tanner kisses a Gibbler?! On Tuesday, Netflix released the long-awaited trailer for "Fuller House." The "Full House" reboot follows the trial, errors and heartfelt journeys ofDJ Tanner played by Candace Cameron Bure, Stephanie Tanner played by Jodie Sweetin and Kimmy Gibbler played Andrea Barber. The show spotlights the trio and their growing family. Of course, fans of the original hit show are treated to guest appearances by Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse. The two-minute trailer may answer some cliffhangers from season 1.

Last season, DJ was in a love triangle with two men trying to win herheart; Matt Harmon a veterinarian and old flame Steve Hale. In the trailer, the two men reveal to DJ that they have girlfriends. Ouch. Will DJ find true love again? Viewers will have to binge watch and see when Season 2 becomes available on December 9.

Will the Olsen twins make an appearance on 'Fuller House' season 2?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have chosen to skip the spinoff. However, writers didn't not shy away from throwing friendly jabs at the twins for being M.I.A.

The Olsen twins are the only actors not reprising their iconic roles on "Fuller House." The executive producer of the show says he understands why the Olsen twins passed on portraying Michelle Tanner. The fashion business moguls haven't acted since they were teens and are busy running their empire.

'Fuller House' opens new opportunities for cast members

The "Full House" reboot was an instant success which opened new doors for the leading ladies.

Candace Cameron Bure joined ABC's "The View" for its 19th season in 2015. Jodie Sweetin appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" season 22.

'Fuller House" was an instant hit show

Aside from your friends checking in on Facebook as they tuned into "Fuller House," you probably knew the show would reach a large audience i.e. fans of the original show. Netflix and other streaming giants aren't required to release the number of viewers a show gets.

The streaming service is tight-lipped about its numbers. But one tech firm believes it can measure Netflix viewership. According to Vanity Fair,Symphony Advanced Media released data showing "Fuller House" drew in 14.4 million viewers in the 18 to 49 demographic within 35 days of the show's release date.

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