Corey Seth Sligh, who had a reoccurring role on the soap opera "The Young and Restless," has been arrested on child molestation charges in Florida. This newest charge comes only two months after the 29-year-old actor was arrested in Georgia for the same type of Crime.

Felony charge of child molestation

Sligh was arrested on felony warrant that charged him with one count of "lewd and lascivious molestation of a juvenile younger than 12" and jailed on Sunday in Walton County Florida. The TV actor listed his home address in Canton, Georgia, but the incident allegedly took place in Walton County, Florida.

He was released after posting a $100,000 cash bail.

Child younger than 10

The Tweet below is of Sligh's mug shot after he was arrested for the first time in Georgia. They report the victim was a little girl younger than 10-years-old at the time the incident allegedly took place.

Second time charged with child molestation

Just two months ago, the former "Young and Restless" actor was arrested and charged on one count of child molestation of a child only 10-years-old.

This arrest took place in Georgia and Sligh was jailed at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center at the time, according to the Oxford, Connecticut, Patch.

The details of his October arrest in Georgia indicate that the child was known to him and it was the child's parents who went to the police to report the alleged molestation. This incident was allegedly reported to police back on September 24.

He was booked for these charges in October, according to the International Business News.

Soap opera star

Sligh played the role of a bartender and a waiter in the long-running soap, "The Young and the Restless." The last time he appeared on the show was in 2014. Back on Thanksgiving in 2014 he was hit by a car in the parking lot of a pharmacy. He was walking and he yelled to a driver who was driving erratically to "slow down."

The car hit him and two men emerged and preceded to attack Sligh.

He was hospitalized and underwent surgery for a broken arm following the attack. The men were caught and arrested.

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