Florence Henderson died on Thanksgiving Day at the age of 82 surrounded by her family. Her death has come as a shock to many considering she was in the audience of "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday.

Just seen on 'DWTS' Monday

Florence was best known for her role as "Carol Brady" on "The Brady Bunch" as America's Mom. Reports indicate she died of heart failure on Thanksgiving Day. She had been a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" back in 2010. This season she's been a fixture in the audience as her former co-star from "The Brady Bunch," Maureen McCormick, is a contestant and Florence has shown her support by attending the show.

Maureen McCormick

McCormick played Florence's eldest daughter on the "Brady Bunch" show, "Marsha Brady." While McCormick didn't make it to the finals on "Dancing with the Stars," she was on stage with the other contestants who have been eliminated this season for a group performance.

Florence did a quest spot on "Dancing with the Stars" this season along with being seen in the audience on several occasions, according to Just Jared. It was back in week 2 of this season's competition where Florence graced the stage with Maureen performing in a group dance number that was "Brady Bunch"- themed. You can see this number in the clip below.

It was a great nostalgic number and Florence looked great, not to mention the picture of health.

According to CBS News, Florence Henderson's manager confirmed her death to the Associated Press today.

Six decades on stage and screen

Besides Florence being America's favorite mom from 1969 to 1974 on "The Brady Bunch" she was still popular with the generations that followed because the show ran in syndication for decades.

Henderson was the first woman to host "The Tonight Show" for Johnny Carson when he went on vacation during her six-decade stage and screen career. So you can say she broke that glass ceiling on Carson's show.

As "Fox and Friends" report on Friday morning, Florence looked even more beautiful as she aged.

You would recognize her at 82 just as you would when she was much younger playing Carol Brady on "The Brady Bunch." Maureen McCormick tweeted this great photo of her and Florence from a recent "Dancing with the Stars" appearance, which is seen below:

At the time of her death Florence was still working, hosting two shows. She was host of "The Florence Henderson Show," which is a talk show, and she also was the host of "Who's Cooking With Florence Henderson," a cooking show. Both of her shows were aired on Retirement Living TV. Florence played the staring role in the Broadway show "Fanny" for 1,000 performances, back in the 1950s and she was one of the "Today Show" girls decades ago.

Those were the "girls" who reported the weather for the show. Her career was vast and extremely successful.

Florence died at a hospital

According to "Fox and Friends" live on Friday morning, Henderson died in a hospital and she had her family around her at the time of her death. It is not know what happened between Monday, when Henderson was in the audience of "Dancing with the Stars" to her death on Thanksgiving Day as all that has been reported was that Florence died of "heart failure."

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