"Teen Mom OG" Farrah Abrahamhas made some dumb choices. But does she deserve this latest mom-Nazi blast? After Halloween, the "Teen Mom" posted pics of herself giving her 7-year-old daughter weight loss tea. Did Abraham feed the child laxatives to purge the trick-or-treat candy? Farrah was accused of drinking Flat Tummy Tea with her daughter and sending girls bad body image messages.

Farrah Abraham purging Sophia Abraham?

Farrah says, no, duh, of course she didn't give the kid a diuretic. The weight loss tea was in mom's cup and strawberry milk was in the daughter's adult-looking mug.

7-year-old Sophia Abraham (like most other children) loves to play grownup using big people drinkware. It's no different than letting your child drink from a water bottle, Starbucks cup or evenbeer mug. It's all about what's in the drinking vessel.Actually, your latte, Monster, frappachino or chai may be worse for kids than Flat Tummy Tea--and few parents can say they've never let kids sip their adult bevvies. A few lucky kids have probably sampled beer, wine or cocktails and lived to tell the tale.

At least Farrah Abraham doesn't promote obesity

Everyone gets that it's bad to give kids laxatives--if that's actually what's in Flat Tummy Tea. A lot of weight loss teas contain natural appetite suppressants not diet drugs. But what if the "Teen Mom" does want her daughter to stay thin? If that's being a bad mom, what about those who feed their kids full of junk food? Are they better parents because they serve kiddie foods and beverages: Happy Meals, hot dogs, candy, cookies, sugar cereal, chocolate milk, sugary juice boxes?

And speaking of childhood obesityand over-made-up Reality TV stars, what about Honey Boo Boo and the Duggar girls?

Farrah Abraham vs Duggar girls, Honey Boo Boo

When Mama June Shannon pimped Honey Boo Booon stage, everyone loved it. But Farrah posts photos of made-up Sophia in bikini and gets called every name in the book. These same folks adore child pageant shows like "Toddlers and Tiaras" and "Dance Moms." Kids far younger than Sophia Abraham strut their stuff like Vegas showgirls.

They wear makeup, spray tans, wigs and flippers (fake teeth). The sexy costumes rival a sorority Halloween party. Even the Bible-thumping Duggar girls of "Counting On" apply makeup to the hilt (mom Michelle Duggar says makeup honors God!) But heaven help Farrah Abraham if she does it. So she's a plastic surgery queen. So she wants her daughter to be healthy, thin and a model. Does that make her a bad mommy?

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