People sometimes misinterpret realityshows for documentaries. "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham is demonized by the public for her outrageous rants, intense temper and outspoken irritability. Her arguments with parents Michael and Debra, boyfriend Simon and MTV crew members are recorded for anyone to see, and mostfans find her behavior disgusting. The mother is criticized for her sleazy business deals, managerial decisions and parenting style. However, I think her actions are amplified for ratings.

A young woman and her husband went inside Abraham's frozen yogurt shop and spilled the details on the onlineforum Reddit.

"I visited Froco today!"

Under the username "baileys_in_a_shoee," the unnamed source explained her lack of interaction with the infamous starlet and her daughter Sophia. She wrote, "My husband and I...stopped at Froco...and Farrah was standing inside near the tables talking to Sophia. Farrah looked at us then proceeded to whisper something to Sophia, then went to the back of the store out of sight." Instead of an amicable welcome or afriendly chat, the owner did not converse with the outsiders.

The patron thought this was abnormal since Abraham bolstered her opinions for the entire world to hear on "Teen Mom OG." The quiet retreat into the backroom does not enforceher perennial label of beastly.

What is Abraham really like?

The outlet was deserted except for a few people. Abraham could have talked with her customers over some delicious "froyo," but she decided to mingle amongst kitchen appliances.

The Reddit user stated, "What little I did see of her, she seemed normal....but it was a weird vibe in there." Every series needs an antagonist, and Abraham has enough guts toembrace the heat. This young mother has accomplished so much because millions love to hate her, and from their repugnance, she hasventured from sex tapes to clothing boutiques.If she could abate her episodic reactions, then her Froco concern could garner more clients.

Dessert enterprises are only as savory as the proprietor's approach.

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