After Gal Gadot’s appearance in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Wonder Woman” might just be the most anticipated DC comic book-inspired movie on the way. With the second trailer just released, fans have a few more hints as to what to expect, including additional glimpses at the woman who appears to be the movie’s villain, played by Elena Anaya.

Wonder Woman’s masked enemy

Both trailers for the film have depicted a woman in a half-masked disguise. The first trailer, released for San Diego Comic Con, didn’t reveal much of her though.

Viewers simply saw her acting menacing in the face of Diana Prince.

The second trailer though, gave several snippets of the woman in action. Not only did we see her in hooded lab gear mixing up what are toxic chemicals, but we also saw her in a trench coat and fedora tossing a bomb into a room.To be sure, the scenes don’t give audiences much to go on, but those quick glimpses provide a few character hallmarks that make the identity of the mysterious villain a little more obvious.


Masks, superhero movie fans will know, are a dime a dozen in the genre.

Heroes and villains alike wear them. But there are only a small number of “Wonder Woman” characters in the comics who regularly don masks. In fact, one of them, a minor adversary for the heroine, even goes by the name Mask.

Debuting in DC comics in 1947, Mask was a woman who wore a mask and a cape and trapped her victims in masks of their own. Those masks would release deadly gas straight into the mouths of her victims unless they were unlocked with special keys.

In more modern comics, the woman behind the mask is actually a survivor of spousal abuse who uses her fortune to help similarly abused women.

Of course, Mask seems like an unlikely main character in Wonder Woman’s first solo movie purely because most audience members won’t recognize her. Instead, there’s a more popular villain, and one who’s been in the comics for even longer.

Doctor Poison

Doctor Poison, though the name has belonged to a few comic book characters, made her original debut in 1942.

A woman named Princess Maru, she specialized in toxins, poisons, and even plagues. You guessed it: she also wore a mask.

Princess Maru was the leader of a Nazi faction during World War II and her mask served a purpose other than simply marking her as a villain. She not only wore the mask, but also larger pieces of clothing so those working under her wouldn’t know she was a woman. Her chief storyline involved her attempt to contaminate the water supply of soldiers using a chemical that made people do the exact opposite of what they were told.

The hooded lab gear and mask ElenaAnaya wears in a scene in the newest trailer for the film is almost an exact match to one of her disguises in the comics as well.

Modern comics sees Doctor Poison as the daughter of scientists instead who seeks revenge on the United States when her parents are branded Russian spies.While “Wonder Woman” is set in World War I, her story could easily be an amalgamation of these. There’s been no official word out of Warner Bros. as to just whom Elena Anaya is bringing to life, but Doctor Poison does seem the most likely.

Wonder Woman” lands in theaters on June 2, 2017, and then, fans will know for sure.

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