Emma Watson has recently shared the secret of how Belle looks marvelous in “Beauty and the Beast” and how her yellow gown adds value to her overall attraction and grace. Without any doubt, Belle’s yellow ballgown has made the headlines in no time at all and is said to be one of the most fabulous wardrobe pieces in movie history.

“The director of the movie wanted me to look appealing. It was my responsibility to do full justice with the iconic Disney role. Also, I had to make sure that the signature costume is nothing less than perfect”, Emma says.

"I felt great while working on the dress’ design.

My full focus was how to make it look utterly whimsical and magical," she told journalists. According to Entertainment Weekly, Watson’s yellow dressin "Beauty and the Beast" gives her a look of a beauty queen, and it has become popular among her fans.

"There are multiple scenes where I have worn this costume. I had to dance, and tried to maintain its grace to a greater extent. This is the only costume that depicts the full story of "Beauty and the Beast" I wore it and felt that I am really a princess who has fallen in love with Beast. More than this, I had to focus on giving my best performance as I know the eyes of media persons and fans are on me. It was not so easy to dance on the floor while wearing this gown because it is heavy, but I still managed”, Watson clarifies.

"The dress, the dance moves, the candlelight, and the background music – everything was fun for me. Every aspect of the movie was simply great”, she adds. How has been this costume designed? When we asked this question, Watson smiled and shared its complete details.

The fabric of Belle’s gown in “Beauty and the Beast”

Before the dress could be madeDurran was concerned about how to find the right shade of yellow. The filmmakers tested various fabrics and shades before the camera to get a perfect match. Finally, they ended up choosing this golden yellow color. The dress is made of silk and has a satin finish.

Certainly, it was tough for Watson to carry such a heavy gown so, she wore a cage beneath that voluminous skirt.

The shoes of Belle in "Beauty and the Beast"

Emma has not played Cinderella, but her shoes are nonetheless soft, and look very decent. She was provided with 18th-century heelspainted with golden flowers. Her footwear is handmade, and there was no compromise on the quality. Watson happily approved Durran's final products. "I think everything was great and Durran has done an excellent job”, she said.

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