It has long been debated in the fandom if "Dragon Ball GT" is part of the official canon of the franchise or not. On our side until the appearance of "Dragon Ball Super," we considered "Dragon Ball GT" as part of the canon of the anime. That is, the official continuation of the anime story, not manga. As you know, the anime is based on the original manga by Akira Toriyama but more than once it has not respected this and added things -- even changing much of the plot. If we talk about Toriyama’s thoughts, we have to say that he has never considered GT as a story of his own, but he helped in developing characters and creating the first story arc that would give the name of GT (Grand Tour). However, after the appearance of "Dragon Ball Super," GT remained as an in-suspense continuation of the anime story.


'Dragon Ball GT'

From that moment GT stood as a spin-off. We mean, as a parallel story to the original one, which in this case is not canonical but 80% the creation of Toei Animation. As we always say, this does not mean that DBGT is a bad series, but it has many errors and inconsistencies that probably would not have existed if Akira Toriyama had taken the lead, or if he had continued with the manga. This would have never happened and GT never would have had an official version of manga, not even drawn by someone else.

However, in the latest V-Jump magazine, it has been said that a possible publication of an official manga series may happen. Drawn by whom?

From our place we think it would not only be interesting but necessary for Super to reach chronologically the meeting of #Goku and Uub. And besides, that it continues the story until Goten and Trunks are adults, such as it happens in GT. It can even be rewritten (the entire GT story without errors and inconsistencies), adding new transformations and new characters.

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It would be interesting to see some of the arcs of DBGT rewritten by Toriyama, even taking the good of GT and improving it. But we can only wait and hope for some new action. All the true fans are going to be waiting for some new information soon.