Undoubtedly each chapter of the series of "Dragon Ball Super" has brought different kinds of surprises and curiosities. Recently one of these was released in episode number 67 of the series, in which we could see the big showdown between Vegito and fused Zamasu. However, this episode has left some uncertainty regarding the merger of the villains and the end of the saga. What this saga has represented in the story arc level is very good and it makes for a perfect blend of action, humor, excitement, drama, and multiple and dynamic fights.


But, some fans are not happy with the outcome of it thanks to the role of Vegito and his short participation in the fight. There are others, who have complained that Trunks was the one who finally defeated Zamasu, when Vegito was supposed destroy the villain. Was it the final outcome? Is Zamasu really dead? Lets see below.

What will happen with Zamasu?

First, according to summaries of newspaper clippings, Zamasu lost his body, but he is still alive. That means he remains immortal. For that reason, when all seems lost, the shadow of Zamasu moves up the heaven,s so Goku has the idea of ​​calling Zeno through his communicator.

Zamasu has not yet been defeated and the final outcome remains to be seen. Of course it will not have anything epic other than the enclosing of a disembodied shadow of the villain, which seems to be the task of Zeno in the episode.

Can we say that Trunks surpassed Goku and Vegeta in power?

Not really. Trunks is very strong, but even in the anime he was not as strong as in the manga. He is still under the power of Goku and Vegeta. The fact that he has seized the opportunity to end Zamasu's body does not make him stronger than Goku or Vegeta, and he is still much less strong than Vegito.

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It should be emphasized that Trunks seized the moment, in which Zamasu was weakened by Vegito and with the help of all members of the resistance, (Mai, Bulma, Goku and Vegeta), he could make a kind of Genkidama and unite that energy to his sword, making a powerful Ki technique. All of this was enough to cut Zamasu, who already had problems with his body, in half. The upcoming episodes to end the series will bring some more surprises. Next, we will show you the progress of chapter 68, with some leaked information about this saga.

Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next chapter.