Barely a few hours ago, Fuji-Tv official website leaked an image of episode 65 of Dragon Ball Super. In truth, the website has this picture programmed to appear in a few more hours, after the episode is televised for the Japanese audience. But in the meantime, and thanks to certain techniques to pre-visualize websites, we share with you, in an exclusive, this image. In it, we can see not only Zamasu’s fusion in action but also his new and terrible technique. What is that portal behind him?

Let’s analyze it

First of all, we want to clarify that this fusion of Zamasu will preserve the villain’s name, and it will not be merging any names giving as a result bombastic results as Blackmasu or Zamblack.


After all, in essence, they are both Zamasu’s and their only difference is the timelines from which they come from. This was confirmed by a card of the game Dragon Ball Heroes, in which we were able to see the fusion of the two most powerful villains of this Trunks saga, and possibly of all the series so far.

The Supreme God is finally here, and now the Z-Warriors will have no other choice than to use the Ma-fuu-ba to try to seal him. We will also Bulma and Mai in danger since the villain will be attacking the Capsule Corp building.

Will this enrage Vegeta and Trunks?

On another subject…

Talking about Zamasu’s new technique, we don’t actually believe that he has a moving portal at his back, but instead some sort of divine symbol that shows his greatness.It’s a new attack with which he will try to destroy the Z-Warriors along with future Trunks’s Earth itself. This technique could be as powerful as Goku’s greatest version of the Kamehameha, in hisSuper Saiyan Blue stage. It may even be more terrifying and devastating.

So far, the game Dragon Ball Heroes has yet to present this technique, but as we were able to see, its user should raise his hands like some sort of Celestial God, to unleash all its power. The fusion of Zamasu has all of Black’s power, along with an immortal spirit, giving, as a result, an invincible warrior with outstanding power.

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