Shocking is a word we can use to define episode 66 of "Dragon Ball Super." On one side we’ve seen Trunks’ amazing power and will to change the events of his world, and defend it. Along his quest to bring peace to his timeline he counted with the aid and strength of Goku, Vegeta and the others. On the other side there was an enemy like no other, that pushed Vegeta’s son to draw energy out of nowhere to defend his world and destroy Zamasu’s body. Yet the one that left us with a bitter taste in the mouth was Vegito’s act in this battle, since, although thrilling, it was also quite a short presence and didn’t last longer than 5 minutes.


Regarding the fusions

One of the biggest details about the storyline of this saga has been about the fusions performed by the use of pothala earrings. We’ve learned that a fusion made with the power of these relics can last no longer than one hour if the ones that were merged are not Supreme Kai’s. Now there has been some gray area regarding other fusions. Such are the cases of Kibito and Supreme Kai, and the old witch and Elder Kai. In both fusions there are non-Kai entities, since Kibito is an assistant, and the witch certainly was not a Supreme Kai either.

Yet we also know that at that time, the witch was in a supreme planet that is out of reach for mortals, so perhaps she had after all some sort of goddess essence within her, or maybe she was a deity from another world.

On Zamasu’s side we know that he merged with Black, who could be taken as a non-Supreme Kai since he has Goku’s body.

Still this isn’t quite accurate, either

As we all know, the fusions that last one hour are those in which none of the beings to be merged are Supreme Kai. This is not the case of the saga’s villain, since we know that both Zamasu and Black share Zamasu’s essence and soul, and it doesn’t matter that one of them has a mortal’s body.

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Let’s remember that it doesn’t matter if Black has Goku’s body, in the end he is still Zamasu, and that’s the reason why his ki is similar to a Supreme Kai’s. It’s obvious that he achieved the Supreme Kai status after killing Gowasu. This is the reason why his fusion is eternal, even though he has now lost his body to Trunks' power.