After the Trunks saga, which ended the evil plans of Zamasu and his objectives, it's time to talk about this new saga, and what could potentially be in store when it begins airing in December.

New saga

This new saga begins in chapter number 71, the title for this episode shows that they have hired a murderer to destroy Goku, possibly this killer is the number 6 Hit, who has great combat skills in addition to possessing the deadly ability to jump in time, all these abilities make Hit a very powerful being.


However, Goku manages to increase his power, thanks to the battle against Zamasu.

Due to this increased strength, Hit cannot assassinate Goku. After this failed attempt at assassination, Goku questions Hit in an attempt to find out who hired him to Kill Goku, and ultimately try to get a lead on those that want him dead. However, Hit does not reveal that information, and this sets up the events that are to follow in this new saga.

Familiar characters make an appearance?

This would be the beginning of this new adventure of Goku and his friends; in this new plot arc, there is the possibility that we may see new transformations of Vegeta and the other Saiyajin, the inclusion of characters that until the moment were not relevant in the series, including Gohan, Kyabe and even Piccolo.

We will know more details about Wiss and the gods of destruction as there are many unanswered questions, as well as new and exciting techniques of the different warriors who will take part in this new adventure.

We can say in conclusion that this new saga will focus on the different universes, but especially on the universe 6, of which we know very little but as the series progresses we will know more, like the planet Salad -- a planet in which more Saiyajin live. Ultimately, though fans have no choice but to say goodbye to Future Trunks and the end of his saga, there is clearly much more in store, and much more to look forward to once this new saga is underway.

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In the meantime, we await the arrival of it.