Animedia, the Japanese magazine known for its spoilers just like the NewType magazine, has leaked this week, information about the end of the Trunks saga. First, we have a great spoiler about Vegeta’s son and his role in the end of the saga, then some details about Zamasu’s fusion, and finally a spoiler about Vegito’s transformation. Let’s take a look at this information below:

Spoiler about Zamasu and Trunks:

The Black Goku side of Zamasu’s fusion could be his weak point. Trunks will have his chance to shine at the end of the saga.


Spoiler about Vegito:

There is a weakness in the properties of the pothala earrings that Goku and Vegeta wear that didn’t exist before. This means a weak point for Vegito. According to the first spoilers that we have, Zamasu’s fusion could be destroyed since the Black Goku side is his weak point. As we said before, there could be a weakness in this villain with twin personalities. As we know they are both Zamasu, it seems like he is having difficulties in keeping the fusion stable and this could be the reason of his body’s alterations.

Regarding Trunks, it looks like he could become the hero of the saga. Will he manage to seal Zamasu with the Ma-fuu-ba? Is he effectively traveling back through time to look after the seal to fully perform the technique? Will he use another attack to defeat Zamasu? Has the villain lost his immortality, revealing a weak spot?

Talking about Vegito, it seems like the twin-voiced hero has a weakness. It looks like the pothala earrings used to perform the fusion between Vegeta and Goku have a weakness.


Maybe this is so because they have already used them before to fusion themselves (in Buu’s saga), and since they’ve separated it could be that now the fusion is not so effective. Could this mean that now the fusion is temporal? If this is so, will they have enough time to defeat Zamasu’s fusion or force it into the Ma-fuu-ba’s isolation? The 0 mortals plan seems to be closing to its end, whether it be for the best or the worst. We can’t wait to see how this saga will finally end.