Undoubtedly, Black and Zamasu have been the most formidable enemies ever seen in the story of the "Dragon Ball" series. In the last chapters we have seen how these evil villains have mocked Vegeta, Goku and Trunks, dominating the Saiyans in each confrontation in their own way. The Z-warriors never thought they would find such a strong resistance when facing these ruthless villains. In recent episodes we have seen the Saiyan warriors unite their powers and forces seeking to destroy once and for all Black and Zamasu, however, all efforts of these mighty warriors have been in vain, because the villains have increased their power in every battle. For weeks, it has been rumored -- the return of Vegito, who is expected to exceed Zamasu's merger.


Can Vegito defeat the scariest villain of the series?

What is the Saiyans' plan to stop Zamasu?

 Almost a month ago, in social networks and different television media, there was talk about a possible merger between the Saiyans (Goku and Vegeta), and also the union of Future Trunks, in order to achieve a power that exceeds the relentless power of Black and Zamasu. As we know, Goku and Vegeta have not been able to bring down these evil villains. Now, everyone is waiting for the desired fusion between the Saiyans that would result in the return of one of the strongest warriors (Vegito).

Will be the return of Vegito be possible?

The return of  Vegito, has ceased to be a rumor. According to new revelation recently filtered by the Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, Goku and Vegeta, will face one more time Zamasu's merger, but this time via Vegito, who, according to this source will come with a surprising power, and even in some moments lead fans to believe that this merger can defeat the ruthless villain. However, bad luck for the Saiyans, the relentless power of Zamasu will be stronger than the three warriors together, so once again the Saiyans will be defeated. 

Below you will find a video further elaborating the information we have discussed here, offering further insight.