Finally the Trunks saga is coming to an end. All that is related to its storyline has been outstanding, with a mix of perfect action, humor, drama, multiple fights and dynamics. Some fans may not be very happy with how this saga ended though, especially with Vegito’s role and his poor performance in the fight against the villain. Many fans have also complained about the fact that the one that finally defeated Zamasu was Trunks. But …Was this truly the end of the villain? Is Zamasu truly dead?

Let’s analyze the facts…

According to the news summaries, Zamasu was defeated and lost his body, but his essence is still alive, since he is still immortal.


Because of this, and when all seems to be lost, before the shadow of a bodiless Zamasu on the sky, Goku has the idea of calling Zeno with his communicator. This way we conclude that Zamasu is not yet dealt with, so the end has not yet been seen. Now it seems that it is Zeno’s job in the next episode to deal with what’s left of Zamasu, although we don’t expect anything epic about sealing the shadow of a bodiless villain.

After seeing Trunks’s overwhelming power, can we say that he has grown stronger than Goku and Vegeta?

Not really.

Trunks has shown us that he is a truly strong warrior, and we must note that in the manga he is shown even more powerful than in the anime, but he is still beneath Goku and Vegeta’s power. The fact that he seized the chance to end Zamasu’s body doesn’t make him stronger than Goku or Vegeta, and let’s not even mention Vegito. Trunks just took advantage of a weakened Zamasu after facing Vegito, and with the help of every member of the resistance, (Mai, Bulma, Goku, Vegeta and all of Earth’s survivors) he managed to create a Spirit Bomb and channel it through his sword.


All of this was enough to cut in half a Zamasu that was already having problems with his body.

It seems that Trunks is the third strongest Saiyan, and he comes after Goku and Vegeta. He has managed to become more powerful than kid Trunks, Goten and even Gohan himself. Still, Goku and Vegeta main the two strongest Saiyans so far. After all, they did share their power with Trunks so that he could cut Zamasu in half.