It begins with Wiss, Supreme Kai and Goku visiting Zeno's planet. First they meet the High Priest, who invites them to Zeno's palace. While walking, Whiss reveals to Goku that he is an angel and then the Saiyan asks both Whiss and the High Priest for help in the battle against Black. To this, Whiss answers that he can't since angels like him have to remain neutral and cannot interfere in such events, an answer that really surprises Goku, just like in the anime. The very next moments are just like in the animated version, but with the difference being that Zeno's assistants want to hit Goku for his continuous disrespectful actions.


After this, Kibito appears on Earth and Beerus wants to kill him because he believes that Supreme Kai's assistant is responsible for killing everyone in the future, and thinks that he will later transform into Black, but Supreme Kai intervenes and tells the God of destruction that his thoughts are inaccurate and that Kibito has something to say.


A flashback reveals that Black is allowing Trunks to survive each of their fights because it serves the villain to became stronger. While in the present, Kibito tells Beerus and the rest about Zamasu.

He tells them that he has noted some suspicious attitude, and of his interest in Goku. After this, Beerus and Whiss travel to Universe 10 to see him.

In the meantime, Trunks, Goku and Vegeta finally travel to the future in the time machine (which was never destroyed, something that did happen in the anime). In the future they rescue a mortally injured Mai, but Trunks chews a Senzu bean and gives it to her so she can easily eat it and recover. After this, Black shows up and the battle begins. This is possibly the beginning of the final battle, which in the anime begins at episode 60, but with the difference that Black has yet to transform into Super Saiyan Rose, and Zamasu still has to show up.

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Surely the manga will last 2 more tomes before this storyline ends. Regarding Vegeta, he is pleased to begin the battle against Black since it would be like fighting Kakarot with his full power, something that he has been waiting for. The tome ends in that thrilling situation, just before the final battle against Black begins. Obviously there are many differences in the anime, especially when it comes to how many times we see the characters travel back and forth.