An interview at the Comic-Con in New York with the artist Toyotaro has been published, revealing some interesting facts about the creation of "Dragon Ball GT," and Akira Toriyama’s influence on it.


Toyotaro explained the working system with Toriyama that gives as a result the creation of each of the manga's tomes. First, Toriyama presents Toyotaro a written scratch of the saga's storyline, along with some initial drawings of the characters base models. From this point, Toyoraro's work consists of the drawing of an advanced model of the characters, along with a graphic script of the story.


Once this phase of his job is done, he returns it to Toriyama, so that he can check it out and do any changes, if needed. This graphic script is also given to the anime producers, so that they may use it as a reference for the adaptation to the TV show.

Along with this explanation, Toyotaro strongly notes some facts that have to do with the freedom Toriyama gives him with his work, a fact that he says is quite surprising. As an example, he says that Toriyama leaves him the freedom of including his own ideas to further enhance the script, and that sometimes he has to fill gaps left by Toriyama with ideas of his own.

On this subject, the artist tells us that drawing the hilarious moments of the story is what he enjoys the most.

Regarding the characters, Toyotaro says that Goku is his preferred one, but drawing Pilaf and his gang is easier for him, since they are small and they can be easily molded into the different situations of the story. This explains why Pilaf and his gang were at the Tournament of the 6th and 7th Universes in the manga, but not in the anime.

Toyotaro also answers about 'Dragon Ball GT' and the strong resemblance with 'Dragon Ball Super'

To end this note about the first part of the interview, Toyotaro commented some things about "Dragon Ball GT," and its relationship with "Dragon Ball Super." He says that Toriyama showed much more interest and compromise with the creation of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, than what he showed with GT's.

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This clarifies the difference of compromise between his participation in both sagas, and makes clear that "Dragon Ball Super" is an official creation of Toriyama, and that he is fully committed to the project.