After that the volume one of the manga of "Dragoon Ball Super" was published, there came about many further details regarding the content. The first volume will contain the first 9 numbers of the manga, which will not include those of the arc of Freezer's resurrection since it had his sleeve on when it went out of the movie, and something negative is that it would not be included in this delivery. Nevertheless, there have appeared fragments and the first part of the interview conversation between Toyotaro (draftsman of manga) and Akira Toriyama.


Now we will show them the first translations of this great and extensive interview:

First, we have to emphasize that Akira Toriyama affirmed that the same Toyotaro might add details and plot questions to the plot of the series. When he mentioned this Toyotaro said that pressure would be great. Since all the fans know that Toyotaro is an author of the official manga, of the game spin-off ("Dragon Ball Heroes") and of one of the versions of Dragon Ball AF. Will we be able to see some of the details and prominent figures of these two manga in "Dragon Ball Super"? Apparently Toriyama might allow this, provided that he likes the offer.

The argument of the next saga

On the other hand, Toyotaro already read the argument of the next saga. Then Toriyama already has revealed that there will be a new saga that's already written. Will it be about the search for the super spheres of the dragon like fans have speculated? According to Toriyama, Goku does not surpasses the power of Beerus and Whis.

Toyotaro and more of his style

After that Toyotaro said that it is almost impossible to reproduce Toriyama's work. The work may be simple but that is also what makes it difficult to replicate.

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Nevertheless, Akira affirms that Toyotaro is the one who comes the closest to capturing his overall style, and that he is satisfied with the results. Toriyama gives the script to Toyotaro, and Toyotaro adds some dialogue of his own and does the drawings. Either way, one certainly cannot argue with the results.