It looks like the upcoming storyline will have some fill-up episodes. A few hours ago, V-Jump magazine revealed the new details about the series. Next, we will show you the translations for the general text of the new storyline, and the titles for each episode. The good news, apart from the titles and spoilers, is that we will have no interruptions until episode 71, which will be presented on December the 18th.

General synopsis:

Is Goku in danger? The most powerful assassin arrives to Universe 7 to eliminate Goku! Hit is sent by an unknown agent.

Episode 68: Shenron is summoned! Which wish will he grant?

Episode 69: Goku against Arale.


Is Earth in danger because of this fight?

Episode 70: Shapma's challenge: Let's baseball.

Episode 71: Goku dies! The assassin's mission must be completed.

Let's analyze this

It seems that the very next episodes will be fill-up, but if Goku's death is true, then maybe episodes 70 and 71 may be the beginning of Akira Toriyama's original new saga. It is our thought that Toei Animation would not kill Goku in a fill-up saga, it would simply lack any sense, since it has never happened before that important characters such as him die in the episodes between sagas.

Besides, although the title says that Goku dies, it could be that in fact everyone thinks that he is dead but in truth he is not, after all this has happened before several times in the series. Yet it could be something really interesting that the next Toriyama original saga will be presented in late December, beginning with the death of Goku, after all, let's remember that this also happened at the beginning of "Dragon Ball Z."

Regarding Bra's birth, there is still no news so far, which makes this upcoming saga even more mysterious.


Can Hit be capable of killing Goku? Who is this mysterious person that asked the most famous assassin of Universe 6 to eliminate Goku? Who will finally be resurrected in episode 68? In the synopsis recently presented it is said that the one that will be resurrected will be King Kai. But, are they truly referring to him, or maybe to all the Kai's killed in Trunks' future during the battle against Zamasu?